What was your highest rank in halo wars 2 beta?

I’ve gotten atleast up to platinum 6. Been loving the beta ever since and its so damn fun. Except for the loading screens and uhm… very, very new players…

Anyways what were your ranks during the beta?

Platinum 2. I kinda stopped playing after I got ranked, though - it was really frustrating when your ally would just randomly drop mid-game, or were just terrible in general.


I think I was platinum 2 in domination. I was about to get ranked in death match, but then the beta bugged out and it was the last day to play (more like last hour).

Through the entire beta I played 42 games.

I lost four matches.

Highest rank was Platinum 5 for both playlists.

Gold 4. I kept getting kicked out of matches. Barely got to play any full games.

Diamond 6 when i played with people i knew, When i played alone didn’t fair as well.

Plat 3 for both modes.