What was your first halo game?

As mentionned in the title, what was your first halo game you ever played?
Do you have good memories of this game?

Personnally, the first halo game i played was Halo 2, the mission Sacred Icon
Even today, sacred icon is still my favorite mission among the halo serie, and i still play it just for the feeling of nostalgia.

Hey Amhuc

I started with the PC version Halo CE and didn’t really enjoy it, tbh I didn’t understand the hype lol. Several years later I purchased an Xbox 360 for Halo 3 and my journey started from there really. My fav Halo game will always be Reach, totally loved it from start to finish, (Fav level, Long Night of Solace). The day I unlocked A Monument to All Your Sins was the greatest gaming moment of my life, I had a massive grin across my face for hours, the wife just thought I was a saddo haha.

From Halo Reach, I’ve purchased every Limited/Legendary Edition of the game (including the older versions) and read all but the latest book. I’m over the moon that the MCC is finally coming to PC, even though I hate the MP side of Halo, never been any good using the Xbox controller as I’m a PC gamer :slight_smile:

Cheer and Happy Hunting

Combat Evolved on the OG Xbox. Although if you want to be really precise, it was the demo on the Exhibition disc included with the console.

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> Combat Evolved on the OG Xbox. Although if you want to be really precise, it was the demo on the Exhibition disc included with the console.

Holy smokes I remember that Exhibition disc!! I played that thing for hours! From Halo to whatever else it had on it.

Combat Evolved on the OG Xbox at a friend’s house. I think we just played 1v1 on random multiplayer maps. Loved the feel of the movement and weapons. He told me that the sequel was releasing in less than 6 months, so I bought my own copy of Halo CE, played through the campaign and loved every minute of it.

I will say however that I didn’t become a true fanatic of the series until I played Halo 2 and discovered the glory of Xbox Live Multiplayer.

Halo 3. Not sure why I bought it but I gave into the hype I guess.

Halo 2. The most surprising thing was how high I could jump.

My first game in the series was Halo 3. Even though I knew nothing about the story or characters beforehand, I absolutely loved the game. After beating it I went out and bought the first two from a GameStop near my home. Me and my brothers have been in love with the series ever since.

Got my first XBOX and it came with a game I’d never herd of before, Combat Evolved. Been hooked since.

Halo CE oh so long ago. Good times.

Halo CE was the first I played. I still remember those grade 3 sleepovers, messing about on AotCR and The Cartographer. Never Forget

Started with the First game . Hours of playing campaign and hog launching in the silent cartographer

My future brother-in-law brought CE over one day. The next day I went out and bought an Xbox…just to play it

CE on the Xbox. First halo I played. Then, got halo 2 and a few years later got a 360 and Halo 4. Halo 4 is really the one that got me into halo.

halo 2

Halo 2 was my first. Went back and played Halo 1 after. It was one of the fondest memories I have playing video games.

Halo CE for PC in 2003. I couldn’t play Halo 2 Vista when it released because I stuck with XP at the time. It wasn’t until 2013 when I was on Windows 7 and I suddenly remembered the series again.

halo ce.

The first game I played was Halo CE. My two favorite memories were the music (especially the main menu theme) and the final mission.

I played halo CE when i was very little then forgot about it till i got a lil bit older and played Halo 2 than got halo 3 and got hooked for life after that.