What was your first Elder Scrolls game?

Its a simple question, one that is fitting since the recent popularity due Skyrim. So, which is it. Also, if you do enjoy the games, go to UESP, I’m not spamming, its just a good site to go to for ES info. And my first one was Oblivion.

My first introduction to video games was daggerfall,epic in scope and still the largest game ever made it kept me busy from age 4 to 13 when halo 2 multiplayer dominated most of my free time i still cherish those days of chugging cokes with friends on weekends and raiding one last dungeon :smiley:

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: Also it’s still my favorite out of Oblivion, and Skyrim.

None of all


Going to play again today, havent played in a month or so. (Supposed to be a big announcement this month)

> Skyrim.
> Going to play again today, haven’t played in a month or so. (Supposed to be a big announcement this month)

Like a DLC for the game?


I started with Oblivion, but didn’t really get into the series until Skyrim.

When I asked my friend what game would take a long time to complete, he recommended Oblivion, and Fallout 3(he didn’t have New Vegas at the time do he didn’t know)

I got that game somewhere in June, and I STILL haven’t complete that game yet(I don’t erally play it that much now, though)

Oblivion time:75 hours
Syrim time:110 hours

I played Oblivion first, a few years ago. I’m getting the 5th anniversary edition soon!! Shivering isles, Knights of the Nine, a HUGE map, behind the scenes commentary, fancy box…


morrowind was the first game i played on the original xbox when i got it that and halo ce
i loved both games so much

To be honest, I never played any of the Elder Scrolls series. I’ve certainly seen the games, and heard the hype, however I just never picked one up until I was finally convinced to get Skyrim. I’m a little ways into it, and it certainly is fun. I don’t think I’ll go back and pick up any of the other titles, however playing Skyrim is a blast.

my first elder scrolls game was oblivion and i enjoyed every minute of it man that was a really fun game unlike skyrim which i find boring :frowning:

> my first elder scrolls game was game and i enjoyed every minute of it man that was a really fun game unlike Skyrim which i find boring :frowning:

Same here I find Skyrim boring to. Hell if you played Oblivion you pretty much already played Skyrim.


It’s still my favorite in the series. I also really liked Oblivion.

I thought Skyrim was good at first but it got boring really fast. It lacks replay value and depth. It’s a very shallow TES game IMO.
I miss the complexity Morrowind had. While Skyrim had the better combat system, Morrowind was the much better RPG.

Oblivion. Enjoyable but it will never go down as one of my favourite games.

Morrowind his hands down the best Elder Scrolls in the series.
The soundtrack is the most nostalgic thing ever along with Halo 2.
You could play Morrowind for years and still find new things every time,something Skyrim lacked.

oblivion but ive played morrowind and skyrim and i think there all amazing, bethesda is easily one of my top 3 if not my top game developer

Morrowind. And it’s still the best one for exploration.

Oblivion had Nights of the Nine, Shivering Isles, and all those add on packs…

Shivering Isles - Got it.

Knights of the Nine - Got it.

Battlehorn castle - Got it.

Frostcrag Spire - Got it.

Horse Armour pack - Getting it tonight.

Thieves nest - Got it.

Assassins guild (Crimson Scars) - got it.

Any I’m missing? I have 'em all though.