What was your favorite Map and game type to play?

I personally loved FFA on Ivory Tower MLG Settings with Sniper secondary BR Primary.

Oh the great memories I have sniping from Rockets and BXR and BXBing downby sword…Oh the great memories!!!

Side question, how many games of Halo 2 did you play on Live, I played over 6,000.

Rumble SWAT on Desolation.

So good.

BTB, Terminal, CTF/Assault.
BTB, Headlong, CTF/Assault.
BTB, Relic, CTF/Assault.
BTB, Zanzibar, CTF/Assault.

Probably have forgotten some.

Yeah, I really liked BTB… But pretty much all of Halo 2’s maps were so good they could be used with any gametype. Terminal for example fitted pretty much any gametype for any number of players.

I played 7000 exact on this account. Probably in addition to about 300 to 400 more on others.

TS Lockout
CTF Midship
TS Sanctuary
CTF Sanctuary
TS Turf

1v1/2v2s on Lockout, BR starts.