What was your favorite boss to fight during Halo 2?

Was it Tartarus? Prophet of Regret? Heretic leader? Tell who and why. My favorite is Tartarus because you can do no damage most of the time, but when you can, you only have a few seconds to do damage. And it’s mostly 1 hit=1 kill if Tartarus hits you!

I’d say the PoR, only because other Covenant troops were constantly piling in. I didn’t enjoy the Tartersauce fight or giant Monitor battle. Both were too easy and required little to no actual tactics - just duck and shoot.

Heretic was tough but his holograms were really annoying. How can a hologram shoot at me?

Heretic leader, too bad I never liked the rest of the mission, so I didn’t fight him often.

I have to admit it was fun beating the Prophet of Regret’s face in. :slight_smile:

> Heretic leader, too bad I never liked the rest of the mission, so I didn’t fight him often.

No kidding.

Mine would be Tartarus, because of my own personal emotions coming through when I could finally punch the bastardo.

My favorite Halo 2 boss fight was the Scarab.

They all sucked, boss fights is NOT Halo!

> They all sucked, boss fights is NOT Halo!

Haha, opinionated fool who supports omitting cool features to piss everyone off. I hate people like that. The more features the better, as long as they don’t interfere with anything else, which boss fights certainly did not!

My favorite boss was Tartarus… Or maybe Regret… Or the Heretic Leader… I don’t know… They were all fun!

regret was the most fun, tartarus was probably the most challenging :3

Regret. Beating the living daylights out of a Prophet and all his honor guards can’t do a thing about it? Pure gold! =D

I actually wish they had more, and much tougher Boss encounters. It adds a special “zing!” to every level that has one. My favourite would have to be the Heretic Leader, though of course, I wish he was a tougher Boss.

Can’t say I’m a fan of boss battles in Halo, and am glad they haven’t returned, but the most enjoyable one was probably Regret. Except on Legendary, where the guards appear at the worst time.

The Engine Room in CE. Otherwise, I disliked Halo2’s bosses.

The so called “boss” segments were rather weak, even for a FPS. The fight with Regret was intense only because you had to worry about the other enemies killing you while you tried to board his hover machine, and the fight against Tartarus was “wait for shield to drop, slice, run away, repeat.”

I would have rather had Chief kill the Prophet through some type of chase sequence or have him destroy the temple he was in so Gravemind could finish him off. Speaking of Gravemind, I actually expected him to be a boss, but that never happened.

I hate the Halo 2 boss battles for a multitude of reasons. I won’t get into that here. Suffice it say, it’s hard to pick a “favorite” because I find them all to be shoehorned into Halo 2, so to speak. They all seemed really unpolished with no clear fun factor about them, some seeming to break established canonical rules (not that those need to apply 1:1 to gameplay, but these were really atrocious examples to me). So it really turned into a “which do I hate least” contest. The answer to that is the Heretic. I hate him least because if you stand on top of that ship in the middle of the room, it’s extremely easy to finish him off with no issues at all. He can’t even retaliate if you hit at the right time while he’s in those vents.

One of the reasons I loved Combat Evolved was the ways that it deviated from the “standard” FPS formula of the day. Only carrying two weapons, grenades that were not only actually useful but essential, the level climaxes being not some stupid contrived “door locks behind you, hit point bar monster enters, welcome to the thunder dome dome dome”, but some intense combat scenario like the “Final Run” part of Two Betrayals.

The boss fights in Halo 2 was like “welcome back to 1999”. Prophet of Regret was the least offensive, since it had the most actual combat. The Tartarsauce battle was just epic fail; lets fight a giant glowing monkey swinging a hammer while platforming. Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I was playing Halo, not Donkey Kong! To add to the murder of suspension of disbelief he has a special shield that can only be undone by Johnson’s beam rife, but only if Johnson is firing it.

None of them, I hated them all. They were all poorly designed and lacked any kind of fun factor. Though I did like punching Regret in the face.

> None of them, I hated them all. They were all poorly designed and lacked any kind of fun factor. Though I did like punching Regret in the face.

While I think that may be a bit harsh, I have to agree. I had fun the first time around but after that, they were actually kind of lame. And on legendary they were awful, Tarterus took me hours because I kept running out of ammo it took so many shots to kill him. And Regret was straight up terrible as well (again on Legendary) with his infinite number of honor guards protecting him.

I too love the punch and run fun of the regret fight. Though killing tartarsauce with a banshee is a close second.

I thought the battle against Sesa 'Refumee was very well done because he was treated as just another foe, he didn’t have any special powers, you just had to discern which one was him and which were the holo-drones.

Regret was a great boss battle too, it was pretty fun charging all the Honour Guards with an Energy Sword and Fuel Rod Cannon, then leaping onto Regret’s throne and battering 58 different kinds of shyte out of him.