What was your easiest solo campaign on Legendary?

I recently finished Halo 5 solo on Legendary, it took me about the same time it takes me to finish a campaign on easy when I first play the game and want to play leisurely (8 hours), it is by far the easiest Halo game to play on legendary by yourself, in my opinion that is. After doing some research I found that the difficulty of legendary depends on each person and is subject to change. Some people even consider Halo 5 to be harder than CE and 2. So my question to you still stands, what was your easiest campaign to complete on legendary by yourself?

The easiest campaign is halo 5, i couldn’t even tell if they changed the ai or anything.

I haven’t played the entire halo 5 on legendary yet so I can’t say how I feel on that. I want to say halo 3 because I know I could do it easily but when I played it on legendary I got a whole team because it was just more fun that way. so instead I’m going with halo ce. it was hard but definitely the most enjoyable to play on legendary, and all I have to compare it to is halo 2 and halo 4 as far as solo legendary. I did play the first mission with a friend and I played 2 betrayals with the same friend but he insisted on being a “pacifist” half the game just to annoy me and have me to the fighting and would kill me for the shot gun so if anything he was more of a liability.

Hands down halo 4. There’s a glitch you can do where if you play the mission on easy, you can go to the last checkpoint on that level and switch it to legendary

Halo 4 was by far the easiest game on Legendary. Halo 5 I found a bit harder, mainly due to the fact that Soldiers and the Warden Eternal are some of the worst enemies implemented in a Halo game.

Halo 3 or possibly reach. 5s up their but the -Yoinking!- warden makes life difficult.

Halo 4 didn’t have a difference between Heroic and Legendary

lol. Easy you say?
I have a hard enough time beating any of the games on normal difficulty. But I will say I think I struggled with 2 the most (on normal difficulty).
Maybe one day I’ll try legendary. (o_O )

Easiest campaign on legendary: halo 3
Hardest campaign on legendary: halo 2 (5 maybe?)

Halo 5 is up there along with 2 because of the forerunner enemies and warden eternals, but mostly because of how uselss the fireteam AI are for revivals and battles (unless everybody else have a different experience, which is why they consider the campaign the easiest on legendary).

Halo 4 is by far the easiest. No other game comes even close. I completed Halo 4 on legendary in 7 hours on my very first run of the game. My ranking from easiest to hardest:

  • Halo 4 - Halo Reach - Halo CE - Halo 5 - Halo 3 - Halo 2I don’t know where to put ODST. I don’t think I ever completed it solo on legendary.

Halo 4, because the AI is pretty horrible.

The wardens were a huge pain in the neck, but after dying to them about 20 times I did an extensive research on how to defeat them. Most times that you encounter them, there are power weapons lying around (the incineration cannon is a god send), just direct your useless AI to fire at them, go around and Boom, Roasted.

Halo ODST was also extremely easy to beat solo on Legendary. I didn’t remember till now that I actually completed that faster than 5. But I think the 2 are pretty much equal on difficulty. My biggest difficulty with ODST was how boring it was to play.

Probably Halo 5.

Halo 4 on the 360.
Just load the last rally point and it still count as finished,but does this count as complete?I mean, I skipped most of the campaign

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> Halo 4 was by far the easiest game on Legendary. Halo 5 I found a bit harder

I agree. Halo 4 was a piece of cake on Legendary and Halo 5 is a close second place. The battle against the 3 Wardens was much, much easier than expected on Legendary Solo too. Was a little disappointed with that

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> I don’t know where to put ODST. I don’t think I ever completed it solo on legendary.

You need to go and change that! LOL! Go load up MCC and go through ODST on Legendary. You’ll have some new achievements at the very least

Halo 5 is the easiest just because of the whole squad system. The only difficult part would be the 3 warden boss fight, but that is skipable.

Halo 4

Halo Wars 2, the levels are basically a grind feast

I would say that I’m between in Halo 4 and 5