What was your 1st Halo game?

TSIA, what was your 1st Halo game? Would love to hear everyone’s intro to this series we love.

CE as a child.

Though I played 2 a lot more.

CE, my dad got me an Xbox and Halo when I was 5 for Christmas in 2001. It was my first video game and still my favorite to this day. CE’s design and gameplay are still the best in the series to me.

CE, in its release year.

Aaaaaand copy paste time

This is a weird topic for me. The first Halo i played was Halo 4 customs and a bit of campaign at a friends house wayyyy back, but the first Halo I ever played solo was CE with a 360 i borrowed from my uncle, but the first Halo i ever finished was Reach through MCC when I got an Xbox One S handed down from my uncle as he got a Series X (different uncle). My dad prefers PlayStation so he usually plays that, thats why I only got an Xbox in 2020.

Because i grew up during the height of the Console Wars i will gladly say welcome to our side. I keep buying xboxs soley for Halo and the controller is just better. I cant stand parallel thumb sticks.

I think a better topic would be what was your first Halo and which Halo is your favorite. Would be neat to see. I need to figure out how to make polls then ill post it.

technically, the first one i played was ODST. but i dodnt understand what was going on and didn’t get anywhere (i didn’t leave the first rookie section because i had no idea what was going on). The first one i properly played was 3.