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Cobra, this is why I love your words.
Open your freaking eyes, they effin as rapeddd us all!!!
Not me. I’m perfectly happy with MCC. Playing Construct right now atm. Can’t wait for the beta.
Have you been playing the same game? Have you tried playing the anniversary playlist? I haven’t actually tried any other playlists, but why would or should they even differentiate? If you have friends partied up your chance of finding a proper game that isn’t 5v1 or 5v2 is drastically reduced. I have a halo team of four people who had all planned on being able to practice together every day 4-12pm for the tourneys this month and next. We are forced to 4 person free for all, because there is literally 0% chance of finding a game once you party up with 4 people and if you do it will NOT put you all on a team.
After a game , before a game starts and during the loading screen you get kicked, your game freezes or your console crashes.
Halo 3 was perfect aside from the technology that which not just bungie had been limited to but the whole world was. It didn’t have jet packs, running, invisibility, a ground pound that takes you across the map and one hits as many people as are in the blast radius, jet packs and many other “awesome” additions 343 brought to halo. Just saying this out of the blue but odst was also good for its purpose, a filler while we waited for reach, in which the campaighn was beautifully put together and planned. It actualy made -Yoinking!- sense when you look at halo 4’s campaighn they -Yoinking!- did whatever they wanted and bent the rules of reality, physics, halo, common sense and basic story plotting and planning so that they could menu ever themselves to the death of cortana. WHO LIVES BTW and now the diedect is gone forever so who said halo 4 campaighn was good?diedect isn’t in halo 5 and cortana is back so what the -Yoink- was with the lame bland same silver hair campaighn … It doesn’t even make sense. Bungie, I miss you buds. Halo isn’t the same anymore without you guys.
FUHK 343

I don’t know, but the story would be meaningless without her :’(

I don’t know, but the story would be meaningless without her :’(

How do you know that she is back?

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Just to correct the part I made bold, you are it aware that it was actually Bungie that introduced jet packs, running and invisibility right? You know, since it was Bungie who made Halo Reach and not 343. Not to mention the god awful Armour Lock (which thankfully 343 got rid of). And it was 343 who actually managed to fix Bungie’s original Halo Reach settings, which many many people complained about.

I believe the point of Halo 4 was for Master Chief to discover his own humanity. Don’t forget, since he was a SPARTAN. He always followed orders no matter what. In Halo 4 he even disobeyed captain Del Rio’s order to surrender Cortana to him. Now I think we can see him as a supersoldier who just discovered his own humanity. I mean, in Halo 5 he left the UNSC. That’s something we never thought he would do. And he did it just to find that special someone to him…Cortana in this case.