What was the point of atriox being in this game?

So atriox only appears in the very first and very last cutscenes of the campaign just to further the plot. He also wasn’t present in any of the advertising before the game came out to my knowledge but has been treated by 343 as the next big baddy ever since they released a sequel to Halo Wars.

I don’t understand why they had him written off as a “dead” time traveler when I know they’re gonna scrap the story DLC and only have multiplayer content added since there’s no interest in Halo’s story anymore.

i have a feeling in the DLCs they will work more on his character and make him the true final boss of the Banished, since he is the leader and founder (I think)


I don’t know a lot of Atriox’s story - but I assume he is too big a character to kill off in episode 1.

Best to have a disposable baddy for the first bit.


He was your typical Disney/Marvel villain.

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Since whole bases of halo 6 was him and reason he wasn’t added in main story he last dlc.

It would be cool if his dlc ties into flood and he open Pandora’s box as halo 1 did.

His arrogance would release the flood and that might be good reasone why he didn’t stop master chief in his eye he defeated him so he be more focus either fighting flood or see if he can control them in since.

I think main boss fight him in his flood form

I don’t think Atriox is a time traveler - the date from the Legendary ending is the date of the voiceover, not the date of what Atriox is doing - that appeared to be in the current time, and who the Harbinger was communicating with.

As for why he was used - people liked his character from Halo Wars 2 better than they liked the Cortana baddie angle from Halo 5, and so bringing his story into the mainline allowed 343 to use a character/story arc that people liked better - pretty sure it’s as simple as that. Though, it does help that Atriox and the Banished were a good vessel for bringing Halo back away from the Prometheans as enemies, which is a large complaint about the direction of the series’ entries under 343 - the Prometheans aren’t as fun as the Covenant, and there should be Brutes.

I also do think there’s still lots of interest in Halo’s story - it’s just that the story is less contentious at the moment than the multiplayer and so multiplayer has been talked about more.


At first I had a similar question, Atriox doesn’t really serve a purpose in the story, the role he did have could have been pretty much any Banished character without anything needing to be changed, but then I realised I had Halo Infinite all wrong.

Halo Infinite is essentially a story about Escharum’s unrequited love for Atriox, therefore it serves the story really well that Atriox is in the game but isn’t too accessible.

I would guess purely an introduction to the Banished as well as their leader since they haven’t been introduced in the mainline Halo games yet.

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Originally Infinite had an entirely different story, but the reclaimer saga was deemed “not Halo enough” so they had to scrap it. Thus they revived Atriox and the Banished and forced it into the story.

343 refuse to add in the Flood. Since Flood in a first person game is not child friendly.

I think they felt not everyone played Halo Wars 2 (Play it btw if you haven’t its great) and they wanted to a brand new baddie.