What was the grunt Rebellion

During a cutscene in halo 2 a prophet mentions “the grunt rebellion”. I always thought it sounded funny and wanted to know more about it. I haven’t read any of the books as of yet but if there is a story to it i gotta know.

Unggoy Rebellion

A rebellion that occurred in the 2400’s when the grunts felt they were being mistreated. They were the lowest rank and were useless in the military accept for being cannon fodder. Then, the jackals instigated a rebellion by poisoning recreational narcotics the grunts use in their methane tanks. This made the poisoned males sterile. The grunts didn’t like this so they rebelled. Because of their high numbers, they did very good. so well that they had a chance of winning until the prophets chose an Arbiter (not Thel 'Vadam or Ripa 'Moramee) to take care of the rebellion.

The Arbiter and his forces crushed the rebellion. Although this made there were harsh punishments and heavy losses, the grunts proved that they can be effective in numbers. The elites forgave the surviving grunts and made them into regular infantry. As you probably have seen, grunts are still sometimes used as cannon fodder or kamikaze fighters, but as you also have seen, most are now outfitted with needlers, plasma pistols, or sometimes fuel rod guns. For full information, read the article mentioned above.

Thats awesome, thanks!

I was disappointed when they fleshed it out. It was better in my imagination, and it certainly would of been better if it had be situated in an earlier period of the covenants history, following the line:

'The taming of the hunters. The Grunt rebellion! Where it not for the Arbitor the covenant would of fallen long ago!

I love reading stuff like that thanks for the two first replies!