What was the Figure Code

So I was able to redeem 2 codes from my Halo Figures for Infinite but I have no idea what it gave me. My History says WCT AR Coating and WCT Emblem but I cant find any AR Coating or Emblem with WCT on it in the game anywhere. Is it not there because the game is still in beta or am I just being blind, does anyone else have the WCT stuff and if so what is it?

i had redemed mine but i havent gotten anything i think we will recieve the items on november 8th with the offfical release

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November 8th? its already November 30th

which action figure did u get ar coating from?

I cant remember I bought like 10 figures but only 2 codes worked

its from one of the toys

As far as I can tell:
Small figure: WCT Emblem
Medium figure: WCT Weapon Coating
Large figure: WCT Armor Coating
Energy Sword: WCT Vehicle Coating

Since I cannot see that far back in my Redeem History, all I know for sure is that I redeemed the WCT Armor Coating and WCT Vehicle Coating, yet I do not have either. I have my Rockstar and Megabloks items, and a Perfect Detail AR Coating, which I am told is the WCT AR Coating.

343 made a mistake at launch and people that redeemed the Rockstar Warthog instead had the Rockstar Razorback, but nobody had the Warthog. I expected them to fix this by now, but their email from my support ticket stated that they do not have a fix or estimated date of when it will be fixed. The same seems to be happening to people that redeemed the Monster promo Coatings.

I cant find anything that saids WCT though

From a post I made earlier

neither have i, once everything has calmed down itll probably get fixed though

Hey, I figured it out. It gives you an emblem that has an action figure chibi looking spartan.

I don’t have that infact I still haven’t received anything I feel ripped off at this point