What was so hard about putting old gametypes?

Seriously, the engine for this game is built off of reach, because making a new engine from the ground up is way too expensive. But why did 343 not put in old gametypes? Is it really that hard?

I mean, I don’t know how game programming works, so that’s why I’m asking if it was that hard.

Maybe space limitations? I’m not sure.

It is depressing not having Assault and 1-Flag though.

Hell, even Stockpile would be nice.

They just leave it to the community to make old school maps with old school game types. Its ridiculous. Apart from the occasional update, its feels like they have forgotten about Halo 4. I think you can download modded game types that switch off sprint too which is really great for making old school game types and maps.

It would feel to much like Bungie’s Halo. They needed to make Halo their own by removing good gametypes.

Giving other gametypes a shot? Who knows.