What vehicle would you like to see/return in Halo 4?

Title pretty much says it all really. What vehicles would you like to see return in Halo 4? Or what vehicles would you like to see in Halo 4 that were previous undriveable? List me your ideas, and please try to make them feasable, I don’t think being able to commandeer a UNSC Halcyon-class Cruiser would be very realistic lol. Also, try and make a possible scenario in which they could be used, whether it be a certain map or gametype etc.

  • My idea, as classic as it is, would be able to pilot the Pelican and Phantom in a fairly large map in Halo 4. The vehicle would no doubt be changed for multiplayer, maybe to be able to only hold four players in the cargo bay and one player as a gunner and another as the pilot. But also the vehicle would have to be on a fairly large map, even bigger than Blood Gulch or even Forge World. I suggest perhaps a map set in outer space, with a human ship and a Covenant ship nearby where the teams must use these vehicles to transition between the two, maybe use them in conjunction with the Banshee and another Human space vehicle, maybe a Space-Hornet or something along those lines. Or perhaps a map with two islands in the middle of the ocean with an underwater tunnel connecting them for normal non-vehicular combat.

  • I would also like to see more vehicles for the sky, perhaps see the Vulture from Halo Wars in the game. Or more ideally, see both the Hornet and Falcon in the game, a multiplayer dogfight between a Hornet and Falcon would be interesting to see. Basically, I would like a much larger variety of vehicles in the game, not just 1 or 2 air vehicles and a heavy weapon vehicle, we need more variety for different maps. Maybe see the Arctic Hog in a snow themed map.

But please give me your ideas, I’ll look forward to reading them.


The Chopper, the Elephant, my un-nerfed Warthog, and the Specter.

The Chopper, Spectre, Elephant and I think Locust and Vampires would be cool to use.

Pelican and Warthog of course :smiley:


Halo 4 should include some massive multiplayer maps kindof like Starwars Battle Front 2. You could have like twenty guys on your team versus 20 aliens and it could like be in space so some players could dogfight and other players could get into ship turrets and more could drop in an enemy ships cargo bays and sabotage things like turrets and health packs. This would be an awesome stradgy game because you would have so many options with what to do in game. In response to the original question i say that it would be sweet if you could pilot a corvette into battle. :slight_smile:

I do notice how a lot of people seem to want more Warthog variants in Halo 4, and it’s true. The Warthog is a signature vehicle to the Halo series, they really do need to expand on it, they should bring in the Arctic Warthog, Transport Warthog into Halo 4, even if it’s just for Forge or certain maps. I also recommend that they bring in the Grenade Launcher Warthog, this would come in handy with some online games.

As a few people have mentioned, it would be good to have the Spectre returning as well. It was very good over rough terrain I think and it was a bit of a shame to get rid of it, but the Prowler does seem to be it’s successor.

As someone said above, a Covenant equivalent to the Falcon would be a good idea, perhaps make the Banshee the equivalent of the Hornet, and perhaps the Vampire the equivalent of the Falcon. That’s the primary air units sorted.

Keep these ideas coming people :slight_smile:

1: Hornet
2: Pelican and Phantom
3: Sparrowhawk
4: Aircraft Carrier
5: Wolverine
6: Anti-Air Wraith
7: Vampire

> I would like to see a Warthog (type vehicle) made for four people. They had something in Halo 3 like that but it didn’t have the turret, so it basically did nothing as a combat vehicle, just moved you from place to place. It’s just really annoying when you’re playing a 4-person team game and you’re the one who gets left out of the Warthog.
> Also, I would like to see the SkyHawk as a playable vehicle. And maybe some of the other ground vehicles in Halo Wars (like the Wolverine) in campaign. The dogfight idea sounds cool. I like the few vehicle vs. vehicle battles in the campaigns for 2 and 3. Even if it is an FPS they can still have that variety.
> This is kind of a reverse of the topic, but I’d like to see the Gauss rifle (like the one on the Gauss hog, but handheld) as an anti-vehicle weapon. They had it in Contact Harvest and it sounded absolutely awesome!

They had that in Halo Wars,do you not remember the Cobra with it’s dual rail guns? They were clearly Gauss technology. Same Goes for the Hawks,if there was any Vehicles I would love to see in Halo 4 apart from the Pelican and Phantom,it would be the Cobra and the Hawk. I would actually love to see the Vampires and Locusts in aswell.

I like the idea of the SWBF2 space battle that would be good maybe as a CTF variant where you have to steal a black box or covenant/forerunner data cube.


A phantom or and elephant would be a awesome return, some kinda aquatic vehicle boat or submarine.

Some sort of water vehicle that could hold 1 driver 1 gunner and 3-4 riding transport. Make it like how the elephant was, being able to add vehicles and turrets if wanted. It could be used to replace a warthog run in campaign. (Maybe being chased by banshees and phantoms?)

Warthog, ( Regular, Guass Hog, Rocket Hog, ) Pelican, Phantom, Ghost, Scorpion, Chopper, Mongoose, Specter, etc

I want the Warthog and Gauss to return, the Tank, mongoose, and a new flying Human vehicle

For Covenant- Ghost, Banshee, Wraith, and a new land vehicle

also a few new forrunner like vehicles would be cool as well

None, if anything they should scale back a bit. Take out the rocket hog, the falcon, and the revenant.

Troop hog, elephant, bulldog, campaign falcon (as in pilot can gun, 2 extra seats and two gunners), albatross and maybe the shadow.

Chopper and Hornet

Warthog, Pelican, Phantom, And Definatly the Falcon etc


How about a troop transport/ speed boat with some sort of turret?