What vehicle do you want added to halo five m

I think the scarab needs to be drivable

I think that would be a bit much for the game/servers to support. What I would like to see is the locust added. Essentially a covie mantis.

Not sure how a Scarab would be driveable, as they are controlled by worms, like Hunters are. If anything I think Halo 5 could have used more Promethean vehicles.

Personally new maps for slayer
edit: read that wrong haha
I’d like pelican or troop hog

Trooper Warthog
Need I say more?

One word: Revenant.

The Halo 2 Spectre, nuff said

Locust, Falcon, or Spectre.

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> I think the scarab needs to be drivable

That’s crazy they would take up so much map space but my answer is bring the revenant back sure it is really good in the right hands but it’s a lot more fun to use than the wraith

Falcon for sure. I’m still slightly annoyed at the fact that they added a Phaeton Helios in the Memories of Reach update rather than the Falcon. Last time I checked the Phaeton Helios was not in Reach. It’s likely too late to see it return though unfortunately Halo 5 looks like it won’t be getting any more updates.



Keep the wasp and add the falcon to replace the phaeton