What updates do you guys want to happen?

I want an update were you can customize your own stuff

To be honest I’m calling that this next update with the classic helmets will be the last update for Halo 5.

Really Assassins, i hope that does not happpen

An update with the Grizzly Tank or the Hawk…

Just my wish to have those become a part of the FPS line. REALLY… big…wish…

Social SWAT

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> To be honest I’m calling that this next update with the classic helmets will be the last update for Halo 5.

It’s not an update,just a pack for the helmets. There will be at least one more update later this year,but we don’t know when. I would say before summer is when we will get the update. Also,I would want some new assassinations and some better armor customization(shoulders,wrists,knees).

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> Social SWAT

So another playlist, just with ranks taken away from them, won’t there be really good swat players mixed in with the bad ones, creating unfair matches?

They need to put more maps in rotation, playing on the same 4 maps every time is seriously getting old. Maybe expand it so its no longer 4v4, and put it on bigger maps.

More competitive maps would be nice

Some Post-It’s on the Corkboard if I may:

  • Endless Firefight: Ala The True Firefight. - A COMPLETELY NIGHT Warzone Map, Not an Urban Noctus Map, But A PITCH BLACK MAP. Like reach’s Stealth Mission Black. - On that note, Guns with Night Vision Scopes - Reach DMR, Reach DMR. oh can’t forget the REACH DMR!!! - Varied Warzone Cutscenes (Im nitpicky, but the same Cutscene, as a Animation Freak, bores me.) - This one, I can’t Believe they Didn’t even Consider: THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE X Y Z OF BLOCKS (Like 45x34x89) ON FORGE, Not Presets - Buildings on Forge, like Reach - A Reach Canvas for forge - The Ability to add custom Music on Forge, and The Ability to record your own Matchmaking Voice. - Food Items on Forge. Add Realism - An Urban Canvas - Add your own Armor into Forge, or grab other fellow Players, to show Appreciation on Forge Maps. - Stealth Gamemode (Like Warzone, but the Enemy can’t see you ONCE, or Instant Death or Something) - A Better Campai- - Uhh I mean, Better- - Uhhhh- Kelly as a Forge item? - More Scripting Options - The Covenant Thingy in the Tunnels of New Mombasa in Halo 2. You know what I am talking About. - THE REVENANT!!! - Boy that was Years of Suggestions… - New Less “Bulky Armor” Like Skinnier, and more Feminine (Purely because most Female Spartan Models look like they are wearing their Boyfirends Armor, Oversized and Clunky) That one is purely a me thing, I use the Female Model, but the armor just looks too Bulky, - THE ABILITY TO MAKE A WARZONE MAP, COMPLETE WITH A.I. SPAWNS AND DIFFICULTY IN FORGE, and a CUSTOM GAME WARZONE MODE, That should have been a No-Brainer.