What up Halo fans

Bungie Day has passed again and 343’s Halo 4 hype train is starting up. I found this to be the perfect time to find if anyone was interested in some pretty sweet Halo art.

If you were around Bungie Day 2011 then you may of known they were selling a lot of limited edition art for charity. On that day I decided to pick the MC signed concept art. There were only 250 copies printed and signed.

Description: More than a decade later the original illustration of the Master Chief still stands the test of time. Water damage is faithfully reproduced from the original. Rain water was organic and imported from Chicago. To make it even more special, Marcus Lehto, the original artist and an iconic hero in his own right, has personally signed each print.

Video I did last year, the Amazon pic doesn’t do it justice.


I just wanted to know if any of you were interested in this. This is not just a item I throw up on eBay. One because Halo art isn’t a big sell and two because I want to know someone who is a big Halo fan got it.

So is anyone interested?

I don’t think this is aloud on the forums…

Lock it away then. Just trying to make someones day.