What unit combos work?

When people haven’t quitted I’ve been finding it very hard to get any wins with the game. No clever tactics, but I don’t understand the games unit mechanics and so its very difficult for me to win unit on unit engagements. So I need to know what units to train to kill the enemy. They say tanks beat infantry, but my scorpions and covenant tanks get easily shredded by marines. Yet my grunts and hunters get smashed by a few covenant tanks. Aircraft seem to die to everything.

Again, not interested in gamey tactics like scouting and where I put my snipers. I just want to know what works and what does not work? What counters what? Whats gold and whats junk?

I really can’t tell from playing the beta. When its actually started I’ve gotton about 5 games in and all of those have involved somebody quitting. I just don’t get the logic of why this bunch of units die instantly whereas others seem to shred everything.

But specifically:

  • How do I kill marine spam?

  • How do I kill a Covenant tank army?

Particularly the top one gives me a lot of trouble. Nothing seems to kill them, including the tanks who should have the rock paper advantage but manifestly don’t/

Best way I found to kill marines is with snipers.

Wraiths… they can’t attack air, (at least I haven’t seen them) so spam hornets like crazy.

Also… base defenses are your friends.

Kodiaks/blasterbacks are amazing vs vehicles, especially in large herds.

How do Banished kill marines?

Elite rangers

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> How do Banished kill marines?

If you’re banished and actually good at the game, Rush the 2 slot mini base and spam choppers.
Choppers wreck marines and therefore gives you map control as they are more mobile. There is also anti-infantry that you can put in the hooks to pick them off.

By then you should be at 10min mark making marines useless and you should probably have Tech 3 by then.