What u think 343 should keep from other halo games to add to new halo titles?

This is a post about what we should keep from old halo games to future halo titles.

  1. I would have to put that i like the heath system that Halo combat envoled and halo reach have. I like to know when can just charge in blasting or stay back and take one at a time. Not really a fan of halo 3 setting.

  2. I want them to keep all weapons from all games even the DMR. Im a fan of swat and luv the single shot. But if not bringing it back make the BR switch from burst to single shot. I would like to c the odst pistol back to and the silence smg. Not a fan on the mag but i use it because of the scoop.

  3. I know people been sayin stuff about AA but im one of those guys that like them, but what i think they should do is have it that all AA r in campaign. They helped me alot tryin to beat reach on Legendary with skulls on. So they should keep them in Campaign. And in Multi make that u can only choose from sprint, envade, and jetpack. Then have bubble shield, armor lock, and holigram be pick ups. Invisibility should just stay as a power up.

  4. I luv forging. Luv makin maps for my friends and I to play. I hate the lag and the phasing problem, But i do like it. I think when they bring it back in future halo titles i like it to be as big or bigger then forge worl but have it that u canlock an area that u can only build in the area u choose u can make it small or big. but this will help slow the program down sum so it doesnt lag as bad then turns the rest of the area as just a image that u cant pass. LIke a still frame. But this is just want i think maybe should be done but ill be happy just to have a new forge world or 2. Im a fan of alot of ideas out there.

  5. I would like to c all vehicles come back. From all halo games i know u cant add them all but at least 8 from each race, Human, covenant if brought back, and this new enemy. Maybe some Forruner stuff to but thats maybe. Keep flacon not a fan of the Hornet but had a front gun to the hornet and have it carry more then 2 people and 1 driver. If they bring the pelicon in as a drivin vehicle then it should only be in campaign only. I think ill be a bad choose in multi because u know itll be alot to take one down, plus the guns and missles it carrys and the back gunner it seems un fair to beat. But just sayin so dont get mad at me k.

  6. Keep the armory! I hate lookin like everyone else but add more armor please for all races. Not weapon combos an stuff, sounds to much like cod. This is Halo not cod. But maybe have ur gamer tag on ur gun would be cool. No color changin guns because if u can change say ur sniper to a green like brown ill be hell to c were the sniper is. Keep the credit system from reach luv earning points an braggin to my friends that i got more then them even if i dont spend them really on anything. But yea rankin system could change a little. I like reaches system but would like to have it that good players get good ranks. I hate fightin a hero and have him play like a damn noob. Have that the better u play the more points. And jackpots should be given no more then 500 points unless say u win like 5 games in a row u get up to 700 and for every 5 plus games u win goes up by 200 till 1200 points. But had 2 different ranks, like overall rank like general or hero. then have a number rank for how well u fight, like if u get alot of kills and dont die alot u have a high score(# from 1-50 and 25 being normal and have it different for each playlist then an overall fight score) or if u die alot and not so many kills u get low rank. And have it that u fight people around ur score or rank.

  7. keep all playlist i like having many playlist to play, My bigs r Team slayer, Swat, Living Dead, Grifball, BTB, Team objective, Firefight, Team Snipers(wish there were more maps for this playlist), and Classic slayer. I just like being able to play different playlist. Plus we have more then Cod!

  8. O and duel weilding

  9. Is for u guys to add what they should keep form past halo game and have put in future Halo titles. Go right ahead and add what u should think be kept. Go at it!!!

A compelling,interesting campaign.
Just because it’s always fun to play a game with a thought out storyline.

BR to single shot? You can’t be serious, can you…nahhhhh

I stopped reading after that.

> BR to single shot? You can’t be serious, can you…nahhhhh
> I stopped reading after that.

Single shot weapons are infinitely better, and much more competitive.

> > BR to single shot? You can’t be serious, can you…nahhhhh
> >
> > I stopped reading after that.
> Single shot weapons are infinitely better, and much more competitive.

That’s your opinion.

Bring back duel wielding!

the halo wars cutscene graphics!!

> BR to single shot? You can’t be serious, can you…nahhhhh
> I stopped reading after that.

BR was single shot in H2, th eanimation was of a burst but the 3 bullets traveled as 1 shot.

  1. Halo: CE and Halo: Reach health system was terrible. Recharging, invisible health speeds up and simplifies gameplay.

  2. Agreed, variety makes a game better. All the weapons would be cool for Forge and Custom Games, at least. No comment on BR single shot.

  3. No Armor Abilities except maybe Sprint for Spartans and Evade for Elites. Jetpack should be a pick-up for custom games.

  4. A real map editor would be better than Forge.

  5. As per #2.

  6. No comment…

  7. Mhm.

  8. Yup.

  9. An interesting campaign, a real melee system (like Halo 2), a Legendary campaign like Halo: CE’s, Halo 2 physics, customizable weapons for Customs and Forge… Play as more than one character in Campaign, like Halo 2… Halo 2 jump height and movement speed…

Your spelling and grammar need some work and consistency. I feel like i’m reading something from someone who knows what they’re talking about and then all ov tha suddin it jus goez 2 lukin sumthin like this… -_-

Also, have you ever played Halo 2?

4 and 5 are really the only things that i agree with.

Also, have you ever played Halo 2?

  1. Fully rechargable health but visible.
  2. Single shot DMR-like weapon, but not OP
  3. Assassinations.
  4. Evade for everyone but 1 evade per cooldown and longer cooldown. (like 8 sec)
  5. Powerups for multiplayer, campaign, and firefight but more variety.
  6. Armory.
  7. Emblems, but make it more elaborate and grant further customization.
  8. Just take all the good parts from each campaign and through them into one, not each mission having one or two good parts and the rest tedious.
    10.halo 2/3 ish speeds.
    11.dual wielding
  9. Grenade variety, like in H3.
    13.And of course awesome glitches/easter eggs.