What type of Halo player are YOU? Ninja, Sniper, Psycho, Tank...

Which player type(s) are you? What’s your multistyle? More to come with Halo 4

  1. The Lone Wolf = You are a beast. Assassinations, multikills, and sprees galore. A good team player, but you can get the job done by yourself. You find yourself dominating Rumble Pit. Don’t come at this player alone - bring friends. A living breathing one man army.

2 The Stick King = If you have a plasma gernade it will soon be attached to an enemy. You are fine to go down with the ship as long as you’ve stuck someone to come with you.

3 The Ninja = You beat down and assassinate your enemies. They didn’t see you coming and they still can’t find you. Weapon of choice: Spartan Dagger

420 The Pot Head = SMOKE. Are you smoking yet?

5 The Invisible Man = You turn invisible, wait until conflicts escalate (or a lot of opposing players are around) then skitz out. Theres a lot of explosions, corpses and fist exchanges but in the end either everyone will be dead or only you will survive. No one ever gets a free kill, there will ALWAYS be a grenade attached!
Hint: Camo Sniper

6 The Psycho = You are usually noticed by your play style. You play extremely recklessly with the sole intention of killing your enemies. You have no regard for your K/D and don’t care if you win or lose. As long as you’re causing chaos, you’re happy. You have been known to wipe out entire teams.

WARNING: These players are often unassuming at the start and may seem terrible. But they have been know to go beserk and fly through the scoreboards towards the end.

7 The Support Gunner = You love watching the turret barrels spin and your opponents fall. Whether covering your teammates from the base, the road, or the air -Jorge would be proud. You have been known to break off a .50 cal from its tripod base and become a walking tank.

8 The Camp Conselour = You get to your favorite spots and set up shop for as long as you can. Many people dislike you for this, but they’re trapped on this map with you.

9 The Steven Speilberg = Your file share is bursting at the seams with Oscar worthy content.

10 The Scout = You mostly focus on suporting your team from the front lines, but out of sight. You keep your team up-to-date with information via your headset.

11 The Mr. IHaveADifferrentObjective = You play objective gamestypes, but you never go for the flag, the hill, the oddball, etc. You let multiple enemies go for the objective and pick them off one by one.

12 The Rocketeer = Anytime you can pick a Jet Pack you do. You are death from above.

13 The Dork = You use the weakest weapon you can find and do your best to make it rain with said weapon. You are hugely in favor of bringing back duals.

14 The Leroy Jenkins = You run into a room (or hill) filled with a ton of enemies and draw their attention for the lulz.

15 The Supreme Teabagger = You attempt to kill your opponents in the most humiliating way. Once you have slain your enemies, you -Yoink!-.

16 The Shotgun Monster = Your opponents should pray you don’t have a Shotgun. The moment they Armor Lock, they’re already dead. You just haven’t dropped them yet. Pull.

17 The DropItLikeItsHot = You carry drop sheilds creating mobile bases wherever you are. You are most pleased when a fellow teammate also has a drop sheild, allowing you to create the legendary Double Bubble.

18 The Armor Locker = You usually have trouble getting kills in Firefight. You have trouble getting kills in the Campaign. You have trouble getting kills in MM. You are afraid of small house cats.

19 The Gunslinger = Accurate, fast, and calm. You let your weapon do the talking. Aim with your eye, shoot with your mind, kill with your heart. Headshot headcase.

20 The Nerd Rager = You are a rare mix. While constantly complaining about things - from time to time you become a true force to be reckoned with. If only you could control your rage.

21 The Legend = You are a true pro. You are levelheaded and smooth with your gaming. You have finesse with your shooting style, and will -Yoink!- any opponent in Halo. You usually wear a small black/gold visor.

22 The Mysterious One = You are mysterious alright. Nobody knows who you are and you rarely talk. One can assume you are online at 3 AM, although that is not necessarily true.

23 The Firefighter = Halo CE was about fighting aliens and you stand true to that title. Proving that humans beat computers and aliens will always get killed by a team of random Spartans.

24 The Armorholic = You love the armory. You’ve slaved through many challenges to get the armor you covet.

25 The Lore Freak = You know all about the Lore of Halo. In fact, you know the exact time and location Arbiter beat Master Chief in a rock-paper-scissors contest 3-2. Your armor corresponds with canon characters

26 The Scavenger = You wait until opponents’ sheilds are low then pseudo DMR/NR crackshot for the kill.

27 The Pirate = You board enemy vehicles to loot and plunder.

28 The Mr. Fiah Powah = You horde power weapons. Whether the sniper, rockets, shotty, sword… You grab the best weapon you can and get busy.

29 The Team Player = You have great teamwork. You may die alot…but hey, that’s what you get for helping your limited team!

30 The Halo D J = You put your mic up to your music speaker at home and send out what could be confused for 1930’s radio. Turn. It. Up.

31 The Player-Hater = You are a combination of the nerd rager and the legend. You are good at the game, but get pissed off easily. You often use strong profanity and take this game too seriously.

32 The Joker = You play Halo for fun, tell lots of jokes, spread real life news and rumors throughout the community everyday

33 The SWAT Star = You play swat, all swat, and only swat.

34 The Chuck Norris = Up close and personal, melee master. Round house kicks to the fce

35 The Sapper = You run in rambo-commando with gernades, rockets, and anything else you can use to blow -Yoink- up!

36 The James Bond = The man with the Golden Gun. aka the Magnum. Licensed to kill

37 The Wheelman = The Ultimate Driving Machine

38 The Mighty Mongooser = Beep Beeep

39 The Tank = You get into a vehicle with one intention - to kill anything moving.

40 The Top Gun = Its a bird?! its a plane?! Its a Banshee!

41 The Wild Card = You are so unpredictable that you surprise yourself. 50/50 fail/win. AKA Dr.Jenkins & Mr.Hyde. Wild Card -blam!-es!

42 The Sniper = This is YOUR rifle. This is YOUR gun. Linda would be proud of you. FIRE! …Hit. Good shot.

‘goes -50 while his teammates get perfections.’

44 The Cheetah = You sprint. Always. Lethal with sword.

45 The Bear Grylls = You do anything to survive. Including drinking your own piss.

46 The Acrobat = You are always jumping, sprinting off ledges, and backwards evading off mountains.

47 The Ace of All Trades = You are experienced and skilled in various play styles. Your knowledge and adaptabilty will see you through.

48 The Holo-Man = You send out clones of yourself to draw the enemy’s attention. Also used as a sword shield.

49 The Zombie Slayer = You dont put up with zombies. They need to be buried again. Get your shovel.

50 The Gladiator = Master of The Arena.

51 The Tyrant = Your sole objective is total domination.

52 The Forum Freedom Fighter = You read all of these.
DaAavVvoOoiIinNneEe NINJA

Lone Wolf, prefer getting things done myself

the lone wolf stick king ninja 420 rocketeer campin speilberg shotty monster gunslinger wheelman rager who loves the jet pack and hopes its in halo 4.

This is great!
i would indefinitely be a mix of lone wolf, scout, and a dork… :smiley:

  1. nice list

and I would be the sapper I love sabotaging vehicles and objectives

Nice thread, this must have taken a bit of thinking. Some of them are redundant, but I guess it’s all in good fun.

I guess I’m a Rocketeering Gunslinger. And definitely The Wheelman, The Tank, and The Top Gun.

Lone wolf & the Wheelman.

Why limit yourself to a set of playstyles? That seems boring and leaves no room for improvement if you always fall back into old habits. Just my opinion though so i guess i couldnt really choose any from the list. Still it seems like you put a lot of effort into this so good job : )

Edit: I changed my post to reflect this, multistyle was a little vague. My point remains the same though.

> Why limit yourself to one playstyle? That seems boring and leaves no room for improvement if you always fall back into old habits. Just my opinion though so i guess i couldnt choose just one from your list

thats why i said whats your multistyle at the top, im like 20 of these

> > Why limit yourself to one playstyle? That seems boring and leaves no room for improvement if you always fall back into old habits. Just my opinion though so i guess i couldnt choose just one from your list
> thats why i said whats your multistyle at the top, im like 20 of these

I know i changed my post to answer it correctly

wow. I gotta thank just for the time you put into this, lol. Nice job

well i guess maybe u could answer it like, “when im playing well, im usually going about it this way or these ways”

My stats are terrible, but I did get better recently… So I’ll go with Lone Wolf!

> well i guess maybe u could answer it like, “when im playing well, im usually going about it this way or these ways”

I dont play any game the same. Having an archetype that you have to play to at any time limits you. I like having as many options as possible. Thats hard to obtain if you are having to fill a niche role in certain parts of the game. I see what you are going for though so i suppose you can just think of another title or something lol.

I’m definitely a Lore Freak too…

how long did that take to type out.


A combo of The Wheelman and Ace of all trades.

I’m my own class of Halo Player. :3

I’m definitely a Lone Wolf, but I do better with friends.

Support Gunner
Lone Wolf, if my teammates aren’t near me.