What type of forge environment do you want?

What type of forge environments do you think would be cool for dlc/Halo5?

My list:

-A desert
-A snowy place
-Inside a volcano
-An island

What items would you like to see? For me, I want things that aren’t made out of metal. You know the wall coliseum, I wouldn’t mind if they reskinned it so it was made out of dirt, sand, snow or water. At least we could make more natural looking maps. The water one would be cool because we could make little puddles or small lakes.

A Sandbox remake is all i ask. Please 343.

-Desert (Maybe make it similar size to the one from Halo 3 but some different structures)
-Earth City (Probably something like a few streets with alleyways and buildings you can go inside)
-Swamp (A dark map with lots of knee-high water)
-Forest or Jungle (With lots of trees and maybe some caves)
-Mountainside (Foggy with snow blowing like a blizzard, but not obscuring your vision. Dropoffs on the sides)

A beach with some mountains and useable water.

Any map thats not cluttered with pre placed items

Forge world, just so I can remake blood gulch like everyone else.

And something with a really, really, really huge, flat floor.

There’s only going to be 3 dlc map packs? That’s all?

Unrelated question, do we eventually get more than 5 loadouts?