What type of cosmetic genres is okay for Halo?

For me I’ve always primarily been interested in Halo for the story so when it comes to customisation items I’d want to see items that fit in with the lore and support immersion within the universe of the game.

I get why some people might find that boring but ultimately this thread was an invitation to post our personal opinions and that’s what I’ve done.

Yeah lemme get some anime coatings for my armor, weapons, and vehicles. Lemme get a big Halo 4 Cortana body pillow vehicle attachment for my Warthog between the driver and passenger seat. I also want Destiny dance emotes like Caramelldansen and Ricardo Milos dances. Lemme also get a uhhh, anime girl AI pack with an idol, a tsundere, and a maid AI. Lemme get a Ninja core to compliment the Yoroi core, and also an Isekai core with magical fantasy effects. I want succubus wings attachment for the back and small ones for the helmet. Also I want an ahoge anime hair antenna helmet attachment. Lemme get some Promethean style neon light armors like Halo 4 and Halo Online. Gotta get a big cheeseburger helmet. I want a fart cloud kill effect. Also want a flashbang kill effect that flashes the dead player’s screen white and plays a high pitch noise. Lemme get a battle royale and a 4 team BTB warzone. Can’t forget I want to buy more character voice packs with anime voices. I also want to have Spartan Ops back. 343 should also sell emblem colors because there aren’t any good color palettes.

Jokes aside, idc what gets added to Halo Infinite. I just want it to actually work and feel fun to play. Truly couldn’t care less how people choose to dress up. Their money, their tastes.


Oh no. I’m gonna make sure my hubby doesn’t see those. He’s almost unbearable as it is !!!


Certified furry moment.

Here’s the thing, the UNSC isn’t the only thing developing armor, there’s been armor making companies in the lore since Halo 5 now and they didn’t die with Halo 5.

Those people are not smart, but yet, the ears have attracted real furries into halo, so while sometimes they’re right, they’re not nearly as right as often as they claim to be.

The most common criticism of them is that it doesn’t belong in halo because its a fortnite level of goofy cosmetic.

Oohh man, bro how dare someone want to play as an alien race in a Sci fi game about aliens and shooting aliens and alien warfare on alien planets with alien technology.

People mainly want it back because it’s a choice/feature that was taken away and only 343 has taken it away.

Even I’m not dumb enough to call players of like ratchet and clank all furries.

Did you call the people who used Helioskrill in Halo 5 furries too because they had armor that was based off the Arbiters? Did that make the Spartan itself a furry?

Anime cat girls aren’t furries, furry implies fully anthropomorphic animals. It’s very clear to me the cat ears are more of a play on weeb culture than furry.

As for Elites, it’s more of like, xenorry or something since it’s an alien not an animal? Only if it crosses a certain line.

Elites are cool? Is it so wrong to want to play as them really?

Would you call someone who wanted to play as the Xenomorph in literally any Aliens game a furry for it? It may have a stronger effect on gameplay but the greatest part of Elites is that they were about Equal to Spartans, and in cases later down the road, stronger than Spartans.
I play Elites in reach because they have better regen and if I’m going up against a player who’s going to hit all his shots I might get more value out of faster regen than a smaller hitbox.

There’s a fine line between just adding stuff that appeases groups of random people out there (what halo fan is playing fortnite really and how many people do you think bought his fortnite skin who never played a single halo game?) and actual fans of a series, that is why people will argue on this horribly constructed take you have.

It’s really only furry when it becomes so critical to someone’s identity it goes outside of being just a fan or thinking it’s cool. You can enjoy a medium with anthropomorphic creatures without being a furry, and chances are with Disney being as big as it is, you have.
Furries are weird people, I’ve had my fair share of experience with them, and while very few elite players I’ve met have been them, the vast elite players just think Elites are cool and it doesn’t really go deeper than that.

I’d like to explain what exactly makes something “deeper” but I’ve said enough to likely get flagged.

Yet again, there’s a fine line between just appeasing fans of this Sci fi series and trying to garner attention from people who seem to… “identify” themselves with animals or whatever the connection is beyond the points I cannot and will, not say.

I like Spires on helmets, think Destiny SRL helmets or Zer0s Echolocation helmet from Borderlands 2, and the cat ears are close to that, but it’s just the weirder way of adding Spires to helmets.

Elite players don’t ask for Elites to be added in other non Sci fi games, like the furries we have now asking for more “add rabbit tails and ears” “add fox eats and tails and paws” and have some cringe name like “uwu Pawter 230 xD,” when halo is about space and not anthropomorphic animals that exist on earth based off those in real life or a fantasy world. Rarely do they ever have a fake elite name, a real elite name, or even an elite pfp.

Anything goes for cosmetics, as long as we have an option to set to default.
I really couldn’t care less what people look as long as they look distinctively like a human in power armor.

I don’t really wanna see things like an actual Clown or some Valorant cosplay, but if the cosmetic looks like an actual person in power armor from a distance, I think it’s fine.

I’d take a skin Coating that has some Brute Blood on it

Go nuts with it. Fill the game with the dumbest stuff you can. Add all the serious stuff as well. Give people the choice to be as serious or crazy as they like. I personally love the sweet spot in the middle that makes people physically recoil upon seeing my spartan.

The medieval armors are okay because they’re still military hardware, and with a bit of redesign would fit the art style quite well.

But the cat ears and similar stuff is not acceptable. The game needs to keep a coherent art direction across the years.

I feel only NEW stuff can be sold for money. Everything related to previous Halo games should be in game for free (like the Hazop set).

I don’t mind cat ears, pineapples, animations, kill effects, armor effects, armor coating patterns et cetera be sold for money. But everything that was already in a previous Halo game should be in game for free or added to future Battle passes.

In the coming weeks, JFO, Gungnir and CQC will be sold for 20 dollars. That’s just a big NO. 343i didn’t even designed those sets. Who are they to sell it for money? Ugh.

In addidition: every armor coating and visor color should work cross core. The way it works now is just insane. Also, basic armor coatings and visor colors should have been in the game on day ONE. They can sell animated coatings and colors and fancy patters for money, but just basic colors like black, grey, white, blue, red, green, et cetera should be available on every single armor core for both coating and visor.


Spartans are still UNSC units, and armor would need to be purchased by the UNSC from these manufacturers to be made available for them. There’s a reason assault weapons only go into mass production if a military opts to purchase them in the real world.

I can’t imagine a world where the UNSC would purchase cat ears for distribution to their Spartan units. Or approve them in any way.

If Halo multiplayer is too canon to let players be Elites, it’s too canon for these non-lore friendly armors to exist.

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Maybe the Cat ears have lore reasons to exist? We just have no idea, I’m not saying it’s ok for them to not have elites for players, or that they should even have cat ears in the first place I’m just trying to reinforce the idea that a lot of the armor in this game is going to be expiremental whether we like it or not and they backed it up with Canon.

I do like to see cosmetics that adhere to some sense of aesthetic cohesion. Of course, there are exceptions and personally I like to see the creative ways people can push the boundaries. Hayabusa armor in Halo 3 is a great example of that, and a lot of the armor they added to Halo 3 in MCC is pretty cool too.

What I don’t like is the Halo 4/5 approach of developing busy looking, borderline incoherent designs that raise more questions than answers, and when thrown into the fast-paced mix of Halo’s combat loop, look indistinguishable from one another. I generally don’t consider those designs to be, “Halo.” Looking.

One aspect of the Halo art style that I like is this sort of retro futuristic aesthetic. A bit of modern with a twist of sci-fi. I think one of the reasons the Mark V armor looks so alluring is because at first glance we are reminded of motor bike gear. Then upon further examination we see the glowing lights, vents, ballistic padding, and shiny metals.

I would be pretty happy with seeing very “Halo,” looking armor pieces, as boring or bland as some people may think they look against the more exotic alternatives. It’s an exciting chance to expand on a very solid art style.

What I don’t want to see is fuzzy unicorn armor with rainbow trails or the jigsaw killer from Saw running around. I’m even iffy on the prospect of adding Doom marine armor now that Microsoft owns Id Software, but if they did, I’d be all over it.

Thanks to OP for giving me something thoughtful to work with instead of another spite thread. :slight_smile:

Also, I like the cat ears. I think they’re fun, and they literally fit on top of the fantastic Infinite art style.

Agreed! Glad to see someone in agreement.

It really is a pretty sweet world, I never found any of the content for Halo Reach to be boring. 4 and 5 were a bit too power ranger looking. Some of the new stuff in Infinite looks decent but there’s just too little of it and progression not being tied to performance just dropped me out of it quick.

I actually think Doom guy would make more sense than Iron Man with Cat Ears, a glowing Mohawk, with flaming footsteps, and whose bullets cause people to burst into a giant skull. But that’s just me.


Microsoft do own Bethesda now, so to make that possible all they could do is just say hello and ask.

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I agree but the really sleek and simple designs that came out of the game like scouts helmet and shoulders worked, and I think it’s worth considering trying to keep some of the good designs we had there.

What matters to me is if it fits the artstyle.

For example when the season 5 armor was added to Halo 3 it was clearly reminiscent of 343’s Halo 4 and 5 artstyle which clashed so badly with Bungie’s artstyle. It was awful to look at.

The season 8 armor that was introduced in the MCC seems to fit right in.

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I prefer the futuristic military cosmetic to anything else.

The cat ears aren’t horrible imo as they actually look like part of the helmet. In fact I prefer them to Hayabusa or Fotus for example.