What type of cosmetic genres is okay for Halo?

I want a SPACE themed arm-waaaaait

stat wars armour crossed with modern day military atier is the way forwards.

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As long as we don’t get character inserts from other media, and everything remains Mjolnir armor, then I’m good. I just want it to decently priced, some of the stuff to be unlockable for free, and two colors. I mean, I don’t mind cat ear, but if it’s gonna be like CoD where you have Ghost Face fighting Frank the Rabbit while Rambo watches, then I’m out. But I doubt they’ll go that far.


I don’t know whose saying military packs and medkits, but just add armor pieces that a Spartan can wear in combat. Look towards Halo Legends. There are literally variations of armor that have not been in a Halo game. You can have set pieces that pay homage to other games like Metroid or some other exoskeleton wearing protagonist. Hell, DOOM would suit Halo (within reason)

Just keep your identity. All this wacky stuff is getting way outta hand. If I want all that, I’ll play For Honor or cod or some nonsense. Be nice if something just stuck to it’s style. Hell, make ODST themed mjlonir armor sets/upgrades.

Make mjlonir armor where they took inspiration from Covenant technology (primarily Elites) being as how Arbiter and his faction of Elites are on the humans side, it would be a sign of their alliance with humans by sharing their tech and cultural combat appearance.

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But, But, But, that’s a completely different situation!! It doesn’t count!


What would the military wear in real life? Well it depends if we’re having fun or doing a job.

A job, expect us in cammies and boots.

For fun? Well, I’ve seen a picture of a fellow Marine wearing a Japanese maid outfit, with a gas mask and a bottle of bleach cleaning his room sooooo…

Games are meant to be fun right? As long as this stuff is relegated to multiplayer and not the serious toned campaign, who actually cares? Certainly not me, someone in the military.


My first thoughts were, “This is a can of worms that does need to be opened”. I have just finished my first play through on Halo Reach ( this is all new to me ) The armour in Reach was excellent. My Halo co-op buddy ( thank you to TheLegendIs117 ) said to not skip the cutscenes. Watching the cutscenes showcased the armour really well. I thought that the Reach armour was very appropriate. My Hubby has unlocked all the armour in Halo 5. In 5, his spartan looks very similar to one of the Reach spartans, grenades around the waist, knife on the shoulder, grenades on the hip etc. Halo being a futuristic war game, I think keeping the armour along the lines of Halo 1, 2, 3 and Reach, is the best course of action. I tend to agree with the other posts, that state that this is aimed at a, ‘different to the hardcore Halo fanbase’.
My Hubby has sarcastically remarked, if they are going to do cat ears, they may as well go all the way. You could see Pikachu, Elmo, Bugs Bunny and Kermit the frog, in a battle against, Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, Humphrey B. Bear and Skippy the bush kangaroo.
P.S. Skippy was awesome. She could untie ropes, use a two way, answer the phone, pick handcuffs, play drums, play the piano, drive a 4WD and fly a rescue helicopter.

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I kind of care because I’m tired of games throwing out consistency in their art style and setting/presentation for store purchases. I already quit both CoD and Battlefield for doing that despite playing those franchises since 2007 and 2010 respectively.

And seeing as how a grunt is humming the Halo theme and making fart noises in the campaign without the IWHBYD Skull, I can’t friendly fire and kill marines to get them to shut up, and I have the Weapon constantly quipping in my ear, it’s kind of hard to escape less serious stuff in the campaign as well.


They’re going to go all the way eventually. This is just season 1. Did you see the Flaming Wings for Season 2?


Anything that actually fits the art style. I don’t care if it gets a little weird, or wacky such as Haunted, flaming heads, some weapon skins, but bargain bin Skeletor armor needs to go.

Some might say Hayabusa is a violator, this is incorrect. It still looks like armor from HALO, while MCC’s medieval garbage juice armor looks like it’s from an entirely different IP. I might as well be allowed to play as a bloody T-Rex, or the Batman after what they spewed into season 8.

Im looking back at Hayabusa now, haven’t seen the armor since almost 10 years ago.

It looks straight out of the power rangers when a sixth ranger would show or a Japanese style armor set. The difference though is that you grew out of Hayabusa over 10 years when the first year of medieval armor hasn’t even past by yet.

And even then, you can’t even make up an art style.

Idk maybe make some SPARTAN LOOKING ARMOUR.

Just take a look at blue team. Or even fire team Osiris. For that matter. You may not like a specific armour and even A lot of it in halo 5 was ugly but they looked like Spartans. Not samurais.

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That is a stretch. Absolute stretch

Y’all are gonna pull a muscle stretchin this hard

Word of advice for OP to never take the forums as a conglomerate representation of the Halo community at large, but I’ll offer my two bits.

Personally, I don’t care what they add. Doesn’t matter to me. It could be the goofiest damn thing I’ve ever seen or a really cool looking armor piece, but you’ll never catch me malding over it. I would prefer new iterations of MJOLNIR or returning ones, but it is what it is.

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I’m in agreement with many of the others here, I think that canon that would fit into the Halo universe should be there. If you find military science fiction to be boring or “copy and paste,” then maybe Halo isn’t for you?

Personally as much as I love the more fantasy sci fi stuff in worlds like Star Wars, the serious military science fiction has always been what sets Halo apart and I would like to see it stick around.

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No it really isn’t. You just don’t wanna hear it.

It is, because it’s apples and oranges. Playing as an alien character in the universe it’s from is not the same as dressing up like a cat. For one, Spartans are not dressing up as Elites. We are playing as them. But here, we have Spartans dressing up like cats. Not a good analogy

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:joy:That’s not how the TACSIM works, like at all. Spartans dressing up as elites is literally EXACTLY what it is.

Not the same thing. And think about it, it makes sense for them to do that right? It’s good for training. It just makes the point why it makes so much sense for this to be in the game. Are we fighting cats in space?