What type of cosmetic genres is okay for Halo?

MCC people were tense for the glowing and medieval armor sets. People are mad over cat ears. Samurais with shooting flowers are already dicey. It seems that the line between futuristic and other fantasy is strained here.

I get people want modern cosmetics like radio backpacks, medkits and other boring military essentials as cosmetics, but if 343i want to expand the creative cosmetic design, what would you enjoy thats outside the military feel? What other themes/genres would you like to see?

EDIT: I guess the community just doesn’t want any unique type of cosmetic without mocking it with another genre. They just want the copy and paste military packs they see in every FPS game.


Literally anything rabbits. Ears, cottontail, keychain, emblems. Anything. Sci Fi, fantasy, tech-fi, whatever.

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Just ask yourself what a real Spartan would wear and go from there.

If an actual Spartan in the lore wouldn’t wear something. (Or rather if the UNSC military wouldn’t spend millions of dollars developing something) it shouldn’t be considered canon in the game.

The Fractures being distinctly non-canon is a good place to dump the weird stuff, like the samurai armor, but it should also be where they dump the silly stuff like the cat ears.


What would the military wear and use in real life, and practical?

None of this kiddy, twinkly far left rubbish.


Cosmetics should be in universe with the most outlandish things never eclipsing Halo Reach armor effects or MCC weapon/vehicle skins. All this fractures armor is nice yes, but it’s in the completely wrong game. Armor should be unlocked via skill and show off player achievements, not how much they’re willing to shill out to a company.


leftism is when cat ears


I mean personally I feel like any cosmetic that anyone likes is good to have; I think being mad because a cosmetic is too silly or not in the genre is just kinda petty… it’s a multiplayer game, people can look how they want, you can look how you want.

What is atrocious, however, is how @343 is exploiting little kids who have their parents ear (or credit card) and getting them to pay absolutely ridiculous prices for things like cat ears, which took a 3d artist probably less than half a day to make, and any one of us here who knows how to use any basic 3d animation software could have made just as easily. And they want $10 for it.


Personally I love the militaristic cosmetics. If it fits into a future military setting then it’d fit great in Halo. If you can’t make it fit lore wise then it unlikely fits.


I think when one creative designer takes over what another one started, as with 343 and Bungie, what should typically be done is work within the boundaries of what they set in place, for fear of making it something that they didn’t want it to be. I think that’s just respectful, I think that’s just fair. Now we can work outside of that just to have fun, I’m all for that, but where is the line between mutating it and just adding your own creative flair? That’s what we’re debating here, as fans. I would say, they need to work inside the lines of what Bungie did with cosmetics, things that would make sense in-universe or that would fit the kind of theme. If we go outside of that, I’d just like it to be things that most fans would like. I think we can see here that most fans did not like the colorful additions to the cosmetics pool, and it is seen as predating upon the younger crowd who is expecting Fortnite-looking items for customization. As fans who grew up with the series, we are expecting something different, things that make sense for Halo. So what makes sense for Halo? I think that’s where we need to put our minds at, and we will find the right answer. It’s complicated

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Call me old fashioned, but I really like games stick to one core, cohesive style. I’ve disliked quirky stuff like armor effects since their introduction. I really like to stick to the militaristic + sci-fi look for Halo.

And for people that like quirky or wacky cosmetics, I’m happy for you. Pretty every shooter nowadays offers a plethora of colorful, unique designs regardless of the settings. But I personally dislike the trend of disregarding a game’s core style or setting (in the case of say WW2 with laser bullets and fictional stuff) purely for the sake of more money.


I didn’t even read your comment, but I made the same point about exploiting kids for money. I think that says something

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The cat ears are absolutely stupid, this isn’t Fortnite. You want to be a furry go be one outside of halo.


I don’t really think just throwing on some label makes it all better.

It still fundamentally undermines the atmosphere and uniqueness of the game.

If I play Mordhau, a medieval battle game, I expect people to look like medieval soldiers. I don’t expect to see sports jocks and fairy princesses running around with lightsabers.

There’s also no ‘fractures off’ control from what I can tell.


That’s my thoughts as well. Saying its “non-canon” doesn’t make it invisible, and there is no Fracture toggle which would honestly make me SUPER happy if there was one.

Reddit seems to want Cortana’s feet weapon ornaments.

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Yet people still want playable elites

People want to play a species that is distinctly halo and has been playable in 3 previous games?

That doesnt sound so suprising to me.


All I’m saying is its a bit hypocritical to call people Furrys for wearing cat ears, yet an anthropomorphic Alien species gets a pass.

The two are the same by definition.

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Stop talking about “real spartan”. A real spartan would sprint around the battlefield around Mach 4 and sucker punching everything. But you didn’t want that in Halo 4. So here we are. Leave your “real life” picky fantasy out.

And even then, if I was a Spartan IV.

You mean a different dinosaur specie that they haven’t touched more than 10 years ago? Actually does sound surprising.