What type of cosmetic do you want for Halo?

Apparently Samurai armor is out of place (Then screw Hayabusa right?). Ear attachments are wrong. Weapon skins arent worth it no matter the cool cosmetic attachment. Any cool coating pattern is just seen as “Purple and yellow”, “Black and red”.

Even if they even out their prices. What type of cosmetic do you see in Halo that isnt already stripped out from the past?

Better armor coatings.

Still waiting on some better blue variants. I would drop $20 for some color

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Most of the people complaining about the current cosmetics in Infinite are either guys who want a limited arcade-style and barebones customization system with no weapon skins or new visors, or guys who are all edgelords who only wear the largest and bulkiest armor and wanna look like rambo on steroids with bonus ptsd and depression.

Just a rant-post, my apologies. I think the current cosmetics are fine and I love that we get Reach armors too. I can’t wait to see more out-there and badass designs in the future.


Hyabusa was a collab and “non-canon” so it got a pass. I actually like the yaroi, besides the demon helmet, and I don’t actually see too many complaining about this set either. Anyway, why would a soldier have cat ear attachments? Maybe you could spin it as having better hearing for sounds when sneaking. Only decent weapon attachments have been a few flash hiders, realistic ones anyway, that dragon is horrible. Coating patterns are preferences really. Some colours work together some don’t.

For what I want, I want new military style attachments for armour, things like punches, medbags, mags, radios, backpacks. Better weapon attachments, maybe a cheek pad for the sniper, or different scopes (no gameplay difference of course). I what new armour that is realistic for Halo. Vehicle cosmetics that are militaristic, why not give us the options for the old warthog gun-shield? I want to be able to customise my coating to any colour I wish. Keep the patterns and special colour like tints and fades etc in the shop, but give us the standard colours.

The problem a lot of people have is they don’t want Infinite to turn into Fortnite. They want to keep the Halo Asthetic. It’s no different from when CoD players complained about the anime gun skins, which I bet will also be coming to Infinite in the future. People would be happy with what MCC did minus the 4 style in 3 and the last season armours.

personally the armor they’ve added has fit halo. i mean, the tenri armor ain’t bad, not my cup of tea, but i like the armor, it fits the halo aesthetic. the cat ears aren’t that bad, it’s just kinda… there, nothing harmful about it.
the weapon skins i don’t mind, along with the attachments. though i will say, i’d want to have multiple attachments equipped (as long as they don’t overlap) as just having 1 is a lil boring

but what i do want in any future armor, is that they stay with the halo aesthetic. we don’t want another h4/5 look of things. that being said… if i were to suggest armor that has yet to be added, H3 armor and the armor that was added to MCC. like grd, exo, and mariner for MK5[B] and whatever else for the h3 armor

For a Fracture Armor I think some kind of Gears of War-inspired armor would be really sick.

For cosmetics in general other than getting the armor helmets/sets that I really want (CQB and GUNGNIR), I would like some better animations for your Spartan when starting the game. I actually thought they would be a rather obvious cosmetic route to go, especially since if we don’t have Assassinations, may as well do Opening Animations. I like being able to show off my Spartan’s armor but the Shadowboxing or Crossed-Arms animations do get pretty old pretty quick.


Anyway, why would a soldier have cat ear attachments?

Why in Reach is someone’s head on fire? Why is there confetti when you kill someone? A Mister Chief helmet?

How much would you pay for things like that? Those are attachments so small as cat ears. Are they only acceptable to you because they are what I say “Serious” attachments?

And what happens when you run out of radios and medpacks? What else will you put into the game?

My point stands as, there is only so much modern content you can add before you start being creative. The problem here is that players don’t want creativity If they try. What other types of helmets could you add that express modernism. Or certain types of visor shapes that you could do that look appealing (hence Halo 5). Even armor that’s glowing, is already shaking with the community.

As far as I see, there are no emotes, emojis to express yourself. It’s only attachments that blend into armor, and pretty effects. Which I say is fine in Infinite.


People also didn’t like the effects in Reach. I didn’t either, I only had the blue flames for a bit for the novelty of then originally being Bungie only and took then off. There’s crazy amounts you can create in what you call modern content. They’ve been doing it since 3 so they can easily do it. Even the ones in 4 and 5 can still work is redesigned to fit the art style of Infinite, which quite a lot of artists actually already do. Haven’t seen anything about glowing armour annoying anyone. Is there any currently? And it’s ok if your fine with what’s on offer, just like the players your complaining about are fine to have their opinion. You wanted a reason why they dislike it and I gave you a few reason why they may.

Nothing, Halo doesn’t need to be turned into Fortnite. Halo is a unique game and it showed stay with it’s theme, because A couple of days back I saw someone with the cat ears and it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in Halo when it comes to cosmetics.

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Many of those helmets were just variants of different stripe patterns or too ugly that the community would mock them. There were a lot of helmet designs that just weren’t thought out but for lore reasons.

There was a season in MCC where armor would have glow effects and there was an outcry, 343i gave them a toggle to not see them if they wished. There was also a medieval with the same toggle for the same players.

It’s not really about opinion anymore, they just want to absolutely change the course of the game when it should just adjusted. If 343i create a system that wants to stick by it, by selling specific stuff, they rather have it all change for the sake of their opinion.

For example, hating on glowing armor or cat ears so hard you rant online until they are deleted or never to return again. Its not right. I personally don’t have a problem if they are or not in the game. But players shouldn’t oppress their opinions to take them out. The amount of “I’m disappointed in the community” or “what has this game turned to” just is embarrassing to hear.

It’s just a game of pride now.

I remember when players hated flaming helmets but that’s okay now. If you died by cat ears, how much of your dignity was lost because a cat ear’d player bested you?

More cat ears. More samurai. More of literally everything that everyone is complaining about.

Oh and actually better colors for armor, weapons, and vehicles.


I literally said people have redesigned the 4 and 5 helmets, and they look pretty sweet actually. Just do that, and yes I know there were a lot with just different patterns but theirs plenty to redo.

The toggle in MCC was more for the 4 asthetic armours. And I also stated people didn’t like the last season for the same reason of not fitting in with everything else, kinda goes the same with 4 armours in 3.

They bought the game, they have a right to complain as they please. It’s up to 343 to put on their big boy pants and decide which are legit criticisms and which aren’t and to figure out how to make the most people happy.

Ok, le me ask you this question if I may. What is this topic about and what do you want? Try to keep it to one point so we can understand.

What-if series armor.

Something fresh that screams halo but isn’t canon.


We’ve got the Yoroi and the Season 8 MCC armors, I hope we get more stuff like that. I thought it’d be cool to have Undead Spartans with prosthetics being skeletal.

Achilles to be earned again.

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Helioskrill too

I miss my Helioskrill

Or, how about look at the fact that the game doesn’t need useless items. Your question has nothing to do with what I said.

Looking for loopholes don’t work for me.

I honestly just want to make customic paint jobs and emblems/backgrounds/weapon & vehicle decals…

I’m a digital artist, so it’d be a lot of fun for me lol.


Team omega armor from halo wars 2 would be cool.

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