What to you want in Forge When Released?

Me personally:

  1. To remove “All” soft and kill barriers!!!.
  2. Good scripting
  3. Lots of Prefabs
  4. Lots of buildings
  5. Lots of scenery
  6. We need our “OWN” map rotation list!
    and more!
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All of these are good but 1 is almost impossible. Kill barier adjustment would be good but to a point.

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After Halo 5’s banger of a Forge mode, the next step is scriptable AI, I think. (And a larger budget.)

With just that one change players would be able to recreate classic campaign moments using the new engine and sandbox. Or, even better, players can create never before played moments from the books like the first armistice on Harvest (and the blood bath that followed) or some part of the Battle of the Rubble. Damn that’d be sweet.

Regardless, I’m excited to see what’s cookin’.

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We definitely need to have a larger budget for Forge :fist_right: :fist_left:

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From Forge itselt?

  • Some sort of terrain editing.
  • Sizeable objects.
  • Objects that are phasable holes (insertable windows / doors).
  • Proper water.


  • Being able to act on the Killer as wells as the Victim.
  • Pre-game (lobby) application of labels. Or even just traits.
  • An easy way to cycle through players.
  • More options for traits - especially changing teams, spawn weapons, forced coatings, and equipment.
  • Being able to attach script brains to game types and not just individual maps.
  • Ability to detect players by gamertag (or even just on service tag).
  • Read damage breakdown (who, vs, fatal, assist, first, escaped, etc).
  • Read what weapon and equipment was being used.

In General

  • Customs browser.
  • Competitions to make maps and playlists - which are then showcased in an actual playlist. eg. This week we are looking for the community to vote on the best fan made Infection map.
  • A proper support forum
  • Better protections for the original author of a map / gametype.