What to play Halo 2 Online again (Read This to see how)

Theres a program called xbox connect and it alows you to connect to other people all over the world, and the best part about it it’s completly free
you don’t need a gold membership or anything like that.

Go to http://xbconnect.com/ and download the program.
And if you need help setting it up check out my video on youtube user: thegunpulseclan
and look for how to play halo 2 online.

It’s not Xbox Live it’s xbox connect.

I really hope I helped you, and if you need extra help setting it up just ask me.

ps. You could play Halo 1, 2, or any other original xbox game online
and if you have any questions you can add me on XBL “nsm dominick ss” I’ll be
happy to help you.

video on what it is and how you can set it up
part 1

part 2

I think Totally massive has already posted something like this in the Halo 2 forum fro bnet. Still, it’s helpful to those who haven’t known about this yet.

I can’t get either XBC or Xlink Kai to work because my computer and my xbox are 3 rooms apart from each other, and I don’t have an ethernet cable that long :frowning:

yeah if you have a laptop it would be really easy.

I use X-link. It is nice if you have local people that download it also so the host is good. However, the people that mainly play on kai are spanish and the lag and game-types they play are horrible.