What to change and whatnot

Neglecting bugs, animations, and glitches that will obviously be fixed. Focusing on content feedback.
Lacking other faction leaders to compare and contrast with also makes things difficult.
Abilities can be funky so I don’t know how some of them work or whether my units used them.

Tech tree:
Barely existent, many units don’t even have any upgrades. The rest all of one maybe.
This is boring. Great unit lines like the scorp and hornet upgrade path are basically non-existent.
And no, generic all units basic upgrades aren’t a good stand-in.

Some odd choices. Why are there two UNSC anti-infantry infantry? Seems redundant and snipers so far seems to be all people use making the other wholly useless.
Seems like a filler 3rd choice to avoid having just two types.
Personally I preferred Vampires over Reavers as the Covy anti-air. The Stasis was great. I miss the Cobra too. Anyways.
Otherwise there is a decent number of unique unit types. Just need more fleshing out and depth.
Judging by the Chopper and no Ghost, it appears unique units are still in. Looking forward to seeing what the others are.

Super Units:
Grizzlies, Hawks, and Scarabs. They were awesome and people loved them. They or some other super variants need to be incorporated, tech tree or separate.

Hard to tell without the full game.
Tech tree should favour higher cost/power units and hard counters should triumph over their targets.
Meaning, basic infantry should by no means do well against Vultures. But fully teched, say ODSTs, and hard counters like Wolvs despite being a vehicle should make the Vulture amasser have second thoughts.

Leader Tree:
Interesting development, definitely requires more thought and the options let you pick what you may need on a match basis, adding strategic depth.
Could use tweaking, to be more clear, more effective or so on. Like I don’t get what some of the Covy leader tree does.


I don’t see much of a point for having two resource types. Just doubles the resource buildings you need to build and be hamstringed by one or the other.
Becomes a nuisance rather. In more complex RTS then maybe there is a reason.