What time does the flight start on Thursday?

Anyone know what time the flights start?

No specific time was announced but they will shout it out tomorrow when it goes live. No preloads either. Hoping for early morning

Not confirmed, but right now scheduled for afternoon PST [UTC-8]

Afternoon!! Why so late!

Well they need staff to be around to fix any major issues that may occur cant do that if they are sleeping. but hopefully itll be sooner we are all waiting for the next step.

Well it sure isnt out yetyet. Its 03:46 UTC +1 here now. Im upped with coffeine… need to… sleep, long day tomorrow… today

02:58 BST here (UTC + 1), if it releases PST afternoon then that is basically night :confused:

10:00AM Thursday 29th for me. No download code yet.
Curious on the download size, and if I’m going to be on PC or Console.
Pre flight nerves kicking in.