What time did the Flight go live last Thursday?

Just hoping someone happened to catch if it was at a random time, or “7pm Pacific Time, on the dot”, or…

It was around 8pm PST

I remember i got in around 9:15ish central time.

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> I remember i got in around 9:15ish central time.

Good to know! Everyone is sitting at their computers right now all O_O

Great to see so many people as excited as I am to get my hands on Infinite again. I literally have been thinking about it all week. lol

This is a direct quote from the community mgr on Twitter an hr ago:

#HaloInfinite Tech Preview update! Our Test team is checking everything one last time. If all goes well, we’ll begin the Release Management process. This will prompt another small update for folks on PC to help with yesterday’s patch. After that, we’ll open access for Academy”

Training is live!

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> Training is live!