What ticks you off the most about Halo Infinite?

IMHO what ticks me off the most is the Following:

  1. It’s been almost a year and the Custom Games Area I still Broken! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  2. Not having a Custom Game Browser with the release of Forge. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  3. Desync :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  4. Not having our own Dedicated Server software like we had in past Halo Games so we would not have to rely on those Microsoft Gaming Servers! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thats pretty much it!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:


Desync is probably the most frustrating part of the game.

Nothing worse than not winning battles that you know you should have or taking damage when you know they can’t hit you. It’s even frustrating when you get kills you know you shouldn’t have.


The thing’s that upset me the most and usually make me turn off Halo Blankfinite are probably similar to most others. The server networking config sucks.

Blank melee’s, blank shots, blank grenades, blank rockets, blank splatters.

What’s the most frustrating is that I feel like having a really good ping punishes you into getting instant killed by players who have packet loss going. And having a really bad ping punishes you by just not counting your bullets and grenades that are clearly making contact with opponents on your screen.

Infinite hasn’t felt like it’s my skill vs their skill basically at all since it launched imo. It feels like it’s my ping vs their ping, and nothing else really matters.

On a side note, can anyone explain why my ping will be at 20 at the start of some games, but then jump to like 70 a couple minutes in? Is the server on a semi driving away from me on a highway? Why would my ping change mid game if it’s traditionally only impacted by distance to the server? (Infinite’s probably so overtly intensive on the azure servers that the slowdown is literally hardware bottlenecks, that’s the only explanation I can come up with)

  1. 343i

  2. Desync

  3. Playlist

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The aiming. More than anything else I HATE the aiming on Infinite. They massacred my boy.


343’s inability to release a complete game, no PvE mode, the boring open world, the coating system sucks too.


Damage not registering, projectiles/grenades literally disappearing, shot through cover, the wild variability in melee lunge distance, the anti-trade (red bar) system especially when it doesn’t even work as I’m led to believe.

How anyone even bothers with trying to be competitive with these plaguing issues is beyond me. I can’t even enjoy socially half the time.

If these issues were fixed then the lack of content and updates wouldn’t be even half as bad.



Challenge System

Map Design

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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  1. The Servers. I know that living in Australia (Tasmania) will always be uphill. But struggling to get anything under 190ms at the moment.

  2. The clumsy way they do CSR. And the lack of being able to formally see our MMR and/or KPM etc.

  3. Quitters. I know they are a fact of life - but there is so much more they could do to smooth the experience for those left.

  4. Desync. Not that it affects me a lot personally. But I know the damage it’s doing to the confidence in the game.

  5. Communication. The recent Forge vids and the Q&A they did on the community stage at the World’s - show me that 343 are capable of connecting with their fans. We just need more of it.


Holy crap, the most? That’s extremely tough :laughing:

The networking code, the lack of local co-op, So many poor useless weapons!! no player collision, the progression system, No clear social rank playlist like in the past that works so well I might add…the ranking system, putting an emphasis on individual play and not team play, microtransactions, the lack of firefight, the lack of basic things like a Team Slayer ranked playlist, terrible UI, a pretty boring campaign that is not polished at all! (Does anyone remember the biodomes that we were supposed to have and weather effects?) No in-game service record, no party up system, broken theater mode, AND just a general lack of features that have worked well in the past (We all know what those are) and people like that are not in.

Halo Infinite is so frustrating because the majority people I know like the gameplay (including myself, I love equipment!!) but there’s just so many things wrong with the bloody game and lack of content that it’s not worth investing time in sadly…And this is coming from someone that’s a huge Halo fan and that started playing Halo CE in 2001! So this is tough for me to say :disappointed:


Just the netcode. I am either neutral or on-board with everything else, except for probably a few exceptions i cant remember

  1. The netcode

  2. The failed F2P model

  3. The storefront

  4. The lack of any kind of polish in-game


Desync, easy. Everything else I can live with.

The second most frustrating crap is easily the random spawns. >:/


Sorry. Can’t help myself.

Your overall list of ticks is great… but not so much this one.

The ranking system is very team orientated. And TrueSkill2 has actually been criticised for being too Team centric

The main drive for pushing your MMR up is the win. Nothing could be more team orientated than that. And the personal performance is just a weighting for KPM. Not toxic stats like KD. And not K-D, KDA, or other score metrics. Just KPM.

Any emphasis on individual performance is pretty much urban legend.

Otherwise, great list.

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The lack of an overall progression system does it for me.

Some weapon commendations would be nice too.


Mmm :smirk: probably not having a War gameplay experience outside of Arena Multiplayer. Don’t get the wrong idea I like Arena multiplayer but it shouldn’t be the only multiplayer experience in 2022 with the same results from Halo CE. Where its just Spartans only and Human Armory is stronger than anything else. Halo has so much to offer its community but having only Arena multiplayer isn’t going to cut it for the massive amount of players that love playing FPS. Nowadays people want more customization and large scale combat with weapons that are deadly. Not the same thing over and over again where you can’t be other characters and Covenant and Forerunner Armory are useles. Which literally doesn’t make any type of sense at all. Your telling me a bullet is more powerful a weapon that uses plasma and the energy from the sun. Mm highly unlikely :unamused: which is why Halo is dying as whole because the creator’s can’t make something outside the normal.
Halo 5 Warzone was going in the right direction but it wasn’t there yet. Because it was still made around that Arena gameplay experience and not a completely separate mode. Where the more you play the more you unlock the better the experience gets for weapons and vehicles that are actually useful and fun to use.

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What I mean by that is there is the ranking system is mainly based on individual play now. Yes I know the W/L still matter. I don’t like or agree with that type of system. I don’t like ranked play being based off KPM & DPM. I want it to be just based on wins/losses like it used to be but We live in a world that everyone cares about me me me, so I know that won’t happen anymore. Though Overwatch 1 (I don’t know about two) did it off of purely W/L And it was very well received and I’ll definitely argue over watch is bigger than Halo now. So…who knows.

In a perfect world I’d have every ranked playlist based on just win/losses and the player would have an individual overall rank on there play, but that is just too hard to do as there are too many factors to include. Most people used to be happy with just seeing all their stats on their service record but we don’t even have that an infinite :roll_eyes:

As I’ve stated many, many times!! I’ve gone to great lengths on these forms for years, especially during the Halo 5 ranking system days, talking about it and everything so I don’t really feel like getting into it too much anymore. I massively disagree with assists not mattering and as I’ve said, I went into great lengths to explain why, and gave many different scenarios as why they should. Josh Menkes didn’t disagree with me either, but again, Long story short it’s too hard to put in the current system with all the factors. That’s why the system is based just on kills and deaths per minute and I don’t think that’s right at all (And even gave many different examples as to why as well)

It’s a TEAM game (Well mainly, other than FFA obviously) the win is the ONLY thing that matters, but again, We live in a world that’s all about me me me. Too many people get bent out of shape when they play with random people and somebody plays bad and then they complain about how they lose rank when they played good. Well, too bad, I’d say, it happens. Play with a team or communicate. 343I should be helping the players also by having a search mode with players with mic’s…stuff like this, but they don’t have that either… shocking :roll_eyes:

In my opinion, It should be based just on wins and losses like it used to be. I also firmly believe that is one of the reasons why so many people liked Halo 2/3 type of system because it was simplistic. Yes, People got frustrated with things and I’m not saying that those systems were perfect because they weren’t. Was there some boosting? sure… but nowhere near the level that’s people making out to be… Besides, as my friends and I always said then, if some players a champion or a 50 or whatever and they play like garbage and they have terrible stats, well then everyone knew they were just a fake 50 who got booted, so who cares!!! And when they played against players that were legit, those booters would get destroyed.

Anyways, I digress here. Maybe one day if you see me online (All admit, I don’t play Halo Infinite too much) and you want to talk about it, I’ll gladly get into it again :slightly_smiling_face: but I’m definitely done with typing lol

No need to reply either man, just trying to explain a little bit why I said what I said.

This is my jam!

It took me a while to get my head around it.

It’s only a weighting. And it’s effect is to rank you up faster. Not higher.

If you are a big fish in a small pond your KPM will be very high. So the system can rank you up faster (also perfect for catching Smurf accoutns).

But as you approach your actual rank, playing similarly skilled opponents, it becomes difficult (nigh on impossible) to increase your KPM. You can manipulate your KD or KDA, but not your KPM. Not without actually increasing in skill.

And you could tell by the way Josh used to talk about it on the old Waypoint. He would describe someone’s KPM as being Diamond standard vs Platinum opponents, and so on. It sounded like a very linear relationship.

The problem is that the unwashed masses can’t differentiate between KD and KPM.

So they play for their KD.

And that leads to the toxic / selfish play you are talking about.

And this falls on 343’s poor communication. It’s a great start that they have started to publish expected wins and deaths here on Waypoint. But more work is needed.

The biggest problem is that assists were negatively predictive. If you rank up based on this metric then you just don’t cope at the higher rank. You die a lot and derank very quickly.

I agree whole heartedly that assists reflects good team play.

But it can also suggest that you aren’t quite competing at the 1v1 level you should be.

If the game could differentiate between the two types; those where you took someone on 1v1 but lost (and someone else cleaned up) vs those where you genuinely worked with a team mate for the kill… then you would probably have a stat to work with.

The TrueSkill2 paper quite clearly shows how they improve the accuracy of the system.

But TrueSkill2 is significantly faster and more accurate than TrueSkill1.

If you want to take KPM and DPM out, then you have to replace it with something that at least maintains the improvement.

It’s a date. :slight_smile:

Quitters in ranked playlists

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