What this game needs to suceed

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As we all know the community is evenly split between the classic purist and the ones who are not against changes and as such in order for this game to be a huge success It is important that you guys do not focus only on one side of the community or the other but give equal focus to both. That way no one feels like second class citizens and if you argue with that statement of giving both sides equal focus then you are nothing more than poison . Just to throw this out there but I am not on the every halo must be like “classic” halo, every campaign must be a “master chief” campaign side of the community. Anyway time to get back on topic I just had to rant a little and no doubt a lot of you are going to see that and immediately type a comment without reading the rest.

So here is what I feel halo infinite needs to make this game a big success that last for years to come on both pc and xbox
Sprint is a must, thruster pack, vaulting and clamber are debatable , as I said before I’ve been on pc for years now and in that time I have played many fps on pc and from what I’ve heard and seen around the net is that the percentage of people that play fps on pc and say sprint should be a thing in fps games is greater than the percentage of those that say sprint should not be a thing and when you see the population of games like quake and doom as opposed to and I hate to say these games, pubg and this one Is even harder to say cough destiny ouch my throat you can see that many more people play games like those last 2 than the others. yes you can add counterstrike as an argument but counterstrike as a hole has been out longer than halo has and pc players did not have a great variety of fps games to choose from and it was better than what was available to them. I think their only competition was arena shooter games like quake , doom, and unreal tournament, which is why counterstrike grew like it did

Classic playlist , options are better so give those that want it classic playlist and make them permanent. , I am not blind to players like ninja or drdisrespect who have been wanting classic halo back and if you get people like them back in halo loads and loads of people who never played halo would no doubt want to give halo a try especially with It being on pc now. With that being said again do not focus only on one side of the community you need to have equal focus on both.

With that being said you need two different kinds of maps, maps that are built for sprint and vaulting mechanics ( if you add vaulting) and maps that are built for the classic playlist. These maps need equal attention to detail, similar aesthetics and what I mean by that is both classic and non classic maps do not need to look exact same but can use similar assets to give it a similar feeling to another , great gameplay feeling with the only differences being the layout and maybe size. If the thing feels good to play on then no one will complain about the differences

Dedicated servers, I can not express how frustrating and terrible peer to peer is

Private matches/custom games

forge mode lobbies/matchmaking

Modes, now its been years since I played a halo game ever since i moved to pc so I do not remember every single mode that was in these games so ima list the ones I can remember in four different categories, classic non classic, hcs . and neutral/fun modes

Non classic
Team slayer
Big team battle
Big team slayer
Team snipers
Capture the flag
Kind of the hill

Classic Slayer
Classic Team Slayer
Classic Big Team battle
Classic Big team Slayer
Classic Oddball
Classic Team Snipers
Classic Capture The Flag
Classic King of the hill
Classic Strongholds

I don’t know how whatever settings are determined in these kinds of playlist so im not going to pretend like I do, I feel its decided by the devs and competitive players

Fun/party games
Action sack
and whatever silly or crazy mode you add in there
Now its is important that each and every single one of these things gets added in at launch if you are on the purist/classic side of the community and you sit there nitpicking and complaining about something like sprint being built in the game by default then I’m sorry but get your head out of your behind and shut up, an increased base movement speed does not give the same feeling as sprint and you can only increase the base movement so much before it starts to get stupid. If a classic version of every mode is included with the game at launch it does not matter if sprint is a thing or not because you can avoid it and not feel forced to play it while leaving us that do like and want sprint included not feeling forced to play by your settings, there needs to be a good balance.

Req packs/ loot boxes need to go and never return you can still have microtransaction but there is a good way to do them and I will try to explain it the best possible way that I can but I can not stress enough how foolish of a decision it would be if you do bring back your loot box system. With that being said we need to return to halo reach’s customization system but not only do we need to return to it we need to have one that is better, one that provides more options for us to choose from. More helmet attachments, more chest attachments, more shoulder attachments, more leg and knee attachments, belts need to have its own category, gloves and wrists need to be separated into its own categories, and feet needs to be separated from legs. Bring back the option to wear 2 different types of shoulder pieces, with wrists let us wear 2 different wrist, 2 different gloves. more armor effects, 2 different leg/knee attachments. Armor and weapon skins can return. Helmet and armor decals. We need a good variety of normal soldier looking armor sets along with the bizarre 343 armor sets. Now lets get into the progression or we go about unlocking the armor pieces and this is where ima get into monetization. So to start I think the majority of armor should have base models along with variants of that model that are different enough but not way too different to the point you start losing its original feeling. for example for those that want to wear it have the chief armor you showed in the trailer as the base model for that armor but have the halo 4 and halo 5 chief armor be a variant of that armor we can unlock or buy. but its time for me to break down how we will earn them armors and variants.

Base models
We play the game and earn credits which can then be used to buy individual pieces of a set at a certain price or the entire set at a higher price. Some base models will need rank/level requirements.

Variants are like I said before , different from the base model but not too different and there will be two types of variants each armor set will have. variants unlocked through achievements/objectives and variants that can be bought with real money. these two will be different from each other but similar, you can not buy the variant you unlock through objectives/acheivements with real money… I hit the limit

Variants continued
Like I said earlier you will not be able to buy the variants that you have to unlock through achievements with real money and you can not buy base models with real money either. each individual variant piece that can be bought with real money will have an individual price point but an overall price point for the entire set, for the variants that are achievement/objective specific each individual piece will have its own achievement or objective but if you want to unlock the entire set you will need to do a somewhat difficult objective or achievement. this system can also be added to things like armor effects , example you can buy blue fire with real money , buy red fire with credits once you hit its level or rank requirement, and idk yellow fire you can unlock through an objective or achievement.

Now this can really be anything for example for helmets , skull paint, clown paint, cracks on the visor, scratches on the visor, dirt on the visor. For armor it can be dirt on the armor, scratches on the armor, robot arm, rust on the armor.wear and tear example being things like color fading .

With infinite being on pc now and with a new engine this is your chance to evolve forge so here are some thing I would like in forge. For pc specific forge I would like more freedom, allow us to do way more than we were able to in the past with halo 5 forge, I tried it but I didn’t like it. The best possible example I can think of something for you guys to look at is fallout and elder scrolls’s creation engine. let us not only make fun multiplayer maps and modes but let us make actual missions and give the machinima makers the options to script stuff. Add in ai to forge. If there is a limit on the amount of stuff we can add it needs to be a high limit. Let us share our creations on console, Make the console version good but not as advanced as the pc one because of obvious technical reasons and restrictions. Add in forge lobbies to multiplayer.

I feel like in order for the story to be good and expand like the universe is , you can not keep on including chief in every game every campaign especially since the voice actor of chief is getting older and older as the years pass, he’s 66 right now. Before you grab the pitch forks, look, I like chief, experiencing the campaigns of halo ce, 2 and 3 , seeing chief’s story in those game was probably one of the best things I ever played through and witnessed in my entire gaming career, however I felt like he should have died a hero’s death in halo 3 after playing a major part in what was basically the end of the human covenant war. A war that took the lives of many on both sides, a war that showed the dark betrayal of the elites by the covenant, and much more, Halo 3 was the perfect icing on the cake to end that story. Halo 4 could of still included cortana, it could have introduced blue team and gave them development. It could have still been a story focused on giving the forerunners their introduction. Here’s a quick summary of how I would have done halo 4, your blue team, you heard about the events chief did in halo 3 and you get called into a room somewhere by halsey or unsc officials. In that room they tell you that they picked up a signal from the wreckage of a ship that has the same signature as the one chief was on while escaping the blast. you go to the coordinates, find the weird forerunner world and your ship gets sucked in and you crash.

You and blue team explore a bit and come across a ship wreckage with forerunner enemies on it so you go there, kill the enemies and discover the reason they were there. You hear cortana who still is going rampant but you also see a closed cry pod containing chief. You grab the pod and take it back to your ship trying to open it but to no avail. You then hear radio chatter from palmer and you try to contact her and warn her of the danger, you see her frigate crash land so your team goes out to find her along with cortana. When you get near her area you start noticing jul’s covenant is surrounding her and you save her, You tell her about the cryo pod and your ship and she sends some spartan 4s to defend it while she goes back to her ship to defend it while you and your team decide to explore a bit more. While exploring blue team has dialogue amongst each other about chief, want they went through while they were kids , and the missions they’ve been on together, cortana being there also chimes in and tells them of her experiences with chief and how it ended. While exploring you notice the covenant and the promethians are working together and get curious. and the that happened in halo 4 still happen expect instead of chief its blue team. At the end of halo 4s story blue team is in a private room with halsey and chief’s crypod, In that room the cryo pod opens and you get him on a medical table with halsey getting her equipment to try and revive him but it all fails in the end , hes dead, you guys have an emotional moment, halsey is in tears and blue team leaves the room. Later you see halsey in a room by herself and she is getting familiar signals from cortana on the planet and goes out to see what that was, jul captures her and she pretends to work him thus leading up to the Spartan ops events with palmer shooting halsey leaving her to team up with jul, at the end.

Halo 5 story introduces team Osiris but still has blue team as playable , The first mission is still the same you play as Osiris , kill jul , halsey escapes. When you return you have a meeting in a room with unsc people and blue team walks in and you each get your own assignments. blue team is tasked with retrieving halsey while Osiris helps out the arbiter with the remaining covenant forces ending the war has taken place on their home. As blue team you keep following halsey’s trail and find her, she tells you about the signal that she was picking up in the past but also mentions that shes been getting more and tells you that they are from cortana. blue team being in shock thinking she was dead after witnessing cortana do what she did to the didact and so they ask halsey about what she think has happened. she tells you that she learned a lot about forerunner stuff while teaming up with jul and that cortana must be found before she becomes a huge danger but tells blue team not to tell the usnc before they confirm her suspicion. after ending the war on the sangheli homeworld Osiris gets tasked with a new mission , to find out what happened to blue team and so you go after them , warden eternal still is a thing and you fight him until cortana appears. halsey sees cortana and is in shock and tries to speak to her, cortana tells halsey about whats to come but she mentions that she will spare her and blue team. Osiris finds blue team and halsey and saves them and the game still ends how it ends.
But since chief is included you need to have a rich and deep story

Anway so much for quick summary but I just had to give an example. but anyway 343 this is your once chance to not only please both sides of the community but show new people on pc or people who never played halo why halo is great

Is there a tldr? holy smokes that’s a long read