What things Halo Xbox One MP should have IMO

So this is me speaking about what things future Halo should have multiplayer-wise.
I’m not even going to mention when developers of Halo went to wrong direction in HR and continued that path in H4. Everybody knows there were several reasons to decreasing population: sprint, bloom, healthpacks, armor abilities, no ranked/social playlists apart and the list goes on. In my opinion the core of Halo is its simplicity. So Im just going to make list about two categories: what Halo should NOT have and what Halo should have

Should NOT have:

  • Sprint: It just doesn’t fit in the game and people don’t like it. It’s against this “simplicity is the core of Halo”-theory also. I’ve seen some good arguments about why sprint should not be in the next Halo on the forums so I’m just gonna leave it here.

-Armor abilities: They changed the game too much. They added randomness and ruined the flow of the game. They increased camping and overall they weren’t good for Halo. There are also arguments about this on the forums. But if developer really wants to add AAs i think they should be used like equipment in H3. One or two AAs should be placed into a map with a certain spawning time. It wouldn’t change the flow of the game too much. But I personally prefer no AAs at all.

-Bloom: Horrible idea. Bloom was even random on LAN and it didn’t fit into Halo in my opinion. I really hope that I’m never going to see this again. It also killed the flow of the game and made Halo different from Halo.

-Forge: There should be forge of course. But I think Halo took the wrong direction with forge also. In H3 there were plenty of developer made maps but in Reach and H4 not so many. Playlists were filled with plainlooking forge maps. There should be only 1 good forge map but developer should be making non forge maps also. Because non forge maps are more enjoyable because of graphics, colors and stuff like that. So IMO Halo has became too much forge-centered.

-Music in MP: Just not good. It didn’t fit in there and it annoyed me.

-Join session in progress in MP: Players should have a drive to win. This tells me that developers don’t think that way. If I search MM in H4 I might join into a match where my team is down over 10 kills. It’s almost impossible to win then. So this should be removed for more balanced gameplay. This system is totally unfair.

-Ordinance: Made the game unbalanced and random. I think that there should not be ordinances and developer should focus more on placing weapons on the map.

-Loadouts: I didn’t like them at all. Of course it was fun to start with my favorite longrange weapon BR but it made the game unfair, random and unbalanced. In my opinion everyone should have same starting weapon. It is fair and simple and it forces the gameplay to flow: people push to certain weapons (BR, Carbine) or certain powerweapons (Sniper, Rocket). It’s simple but that’s what Halo should be. In H3 it worked but people didn’t enjoy HR/H4 MM nearly as much.

-Auto pickup: This was a bummer. If I had rocket and sniper and accidentally walked by the flag I couldn’t drop it. This was so stupid and annoying. Same thing with the oddball. I don’t know why gametypes that were already pointed to work well were changed in this way. For example CTF and Oddball. Dropping the flag is a must and ability to juggle it is almost essential too. People are used to press button to pick up things, why to change that? Especially when it kills the flow of the gameplay.

-Weapons disappearing too quickly: Killed the flow of the game. This balanced H4 because there were so many weapons in maps because of ordinances. But in future Halo I really hope that weapons stay in the ground when you die.

Should have:

-Descope: No descope was useless addition to Halo and it affected hugely on competitive scene. Descope makes it harder to shoot and it adds skill gap to the game. I don’t know how to explain this but descope is very important.

-Ability to browse fileshares: In H3 it was fun to browse pics and films while waiting the game to start in the “veto-screen” but in HR/H4 it wasn’t possible. I don’t know why. That is exactly the time when people were browsing fileshares. So this is not as important as descope but it definitely makes the game more enjoyable.

-Theater for players at the same time: This is also one thing I don’t understand. In H3 you was able to watch films in theater with other people and it was awesome. In HR and H4 that ability was taken away. So in my opinion next Halo should have this ability. In H3 it was smooth with a film but while watching filmclip with other people it lagged. This is one thing developer should add to next Halo and fix the problem mentioned before.

-Ranking system: This is one of the most important things in Halo. Ranks balance the game and make the game competitive. Ranking system also makes player fight for the win. That is what I’ve been missing in HR/H4. Winning is not rewarded. In HR/H4 I got sick of unbalanced matches. Ranking system should be simple (not essentially 1-50 but something visible that matches you against player with same skill).

-Good mechanics (similar to H3): This is a major thing. Mechanics are huge part of the game and mechanics define the game pretty far. H3 had almost perfect mechanics because the gameplay was smooth. I can’t say the same thing about HR/H4.

-Balanced and good maps: I don’t mean forgemaps. I mean developer made maps. H3 had great variety of maps and HR had couple of good maps but mainly in HR/H4 the MP consisted of forge maps. That was not good. Balanced symmetrical maps (Pit, Narrows) and asymmetrical maps (Guardian) are essential to Halo. Developers should put time and effort into making good small-mid sized maps and balancing them (with weapons and power ups). In HR/H4 the Halo community took some kind of leap into BTB. I didn’t understand why. I think that is also wrong direction and developer should push players to play more small-mid sized maps because those are also in the core of Halo. But there should be also couple of huge maps of course for BTB.

-Good graphics: Cartoony graphics like in H3 and ODST. They are beautiful and fascinating.

  • Ranked and social playlists separated from each other: H3 was the perfect example. It is needed. Ranked playlist for ranks and serious games and social playlist for chilling. I don’t know actually how to explain this well but I’m sure everyone who has played HR and H4 after H3 knows what I’m talking about. H3 was so much more balanced because of this separation.

-Dedicated servers: Makes the online experience more enjoyable and decreases host advantage and bad connections.

-Pickupable power ups: Camo and OS have been in game forever. They balance the gameplay and maps. It’s also fun to pick them up. Camo in AA ruined the game for me. It made the game random and it increased the amount of camping and crouching. OS in H4 was killer too. You had to press a button to pick it up and you could get it from your ordinance.

-Classical Halo lobby (H2,H3,HR): Changing the whole theme of lobby in H4 was useless. It made the lobby unclear and difficult to use and understand. I really hope the next gen Halo withholds classical theme in lobby.

These points were justified pretty narrowly so it would be great if YOU could tell me more arguments or explain to me why you are against my arguments.

Peace out!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that I’m not the only one around here with some sense. You have hit the nail on the head with this post. I’ve been saying it for years… I’ve been playing competitive Halo since CE and the core experience has been gone for a long, long time.