What "Thing" from Halo 4 do you want Out .

I had a thread awhile ago of what things from Halo’s past do you want in Halo 5.

This Here

Now this one is what thing from Halo 4 do you want OUT of Halo 4.

Remember none of this is “balanced” per say. Just random things. Big things, Little things, Etc.

Sarah Palin.

Join in progress.
I went from being indifferent about it, to advocating for an option to turn it off, to wanting it out completely.

LOL I was gonna put JiP when I noticed someone beat me to it.

I don’t want things to be removed, I just want more things added. Removing things is what caused everyone to be so upset about custom games.


Voted Custom Loadouts.
Though I dont want it completely removed, everything added to the games should atleast stay in Custom Games.
But I dont think Custom Loadouts, sprint and Personal Ordinance is the direction Halo should go.

I can’t even vote. lol? Is there some post limit required?

Armor Abilities, Tactical Packages, Support Upgrades, Sprint, Ordinance Drops, All of the armor and Spartan models (replaced with Reach counterparts), Sarah Palmer


Not in the poll but Instant Respawn. It’s awful in FFA especially.

It’s existence. No but on a serious note, istead of removing things, Halo 4 just need more playlist, maps and a competitive ranking system you can see in the Game! Not on Waypoint…

I think the biggest 1 factor that has single handedly broken this game is overpowered personal ordinance.

> Sarah Palin.


active camo, it was good as a power-up but as an armor ability its garbage.

here`s a tip 343i, instead of rewarding people for camping your supposed to penalize them for it.

I think they should take weapons out of PODs and put abilities into them.

The constant complaining about every insignificant detail, other than that the game is great.

Either the Incineration Cannon, or ALL dialogue in Spartan Ops (preferably both).

Heh, actually I don’t think anything should be completely removed. Like what some people have already said, I’d like for all our options to come back for customs, and have more playlists to choose from. We should be able to turn on or off anything we want.

All the new stuff is fine, but they should also include classic playlists without loadouts, ordnance, etc., for when we want to play the older style of Halo with Halo 4’s renewed engine. Forcing people to play the game only the way the devs want doesn’t really make sense or sound fun.

I voted “custom loadouts” because its a win win. Loadouts would be removed which would make 343i have to put weapons back on maps which would mean there is a point to traveling the map and fighting over map positions. Brilliant!

I didn’t vote because i dont agree with any of them. They could fix a lot of issues/complaints by having a myriad of game-types that would satisfy most gamers.

Ordinance overall, but I would really like JIP to limited to just your friends