What they should have done with the new skins

They should have done this for the new weapon skins featured in the Limited Edition req pack that cost 80000 req points or 9.99 in US dollars.
ODST: For SMG and pistol as ODST members mostly used the silenced SMG
Noble Team: DMR and pistol, as Noble team is from Halo: Reach and that game brought the DMR
Blue Team: Good at where its at because Chief uses the AR and Pistol.
Fireteam Osiris: Battle Rifle and Pistol as Locke favorite loadout is this.
Sharktooth: Idc
UNSC: Looks good :smiley:
343 skins: They can do whatever they want.
Spirit of Fire: I’m not sure about…
But I get it, they wanted to show it off for the HWC finals so make it AR and Magnum as it is the standard loadout of Arena and to make money.