what they could have done in halo 3

What they should have done in halo 3. I think in halo 3 they wont go to the ark and send shipmaster’s fleet with elites arby and chief to the ark to make the flood go to the ark like normal. Then they have some more ships with glassing beams than before glass the area then do what they did in halo 3. Then chief saves Cortana then they leave because truth needs a human to fire the rings. The flood then goes to kill truth while everyone leaves then they come back glass the place then halo 3 is done. Or they don’t do that and don’t go there then go after the flood get there kill the flood then the elites with human support do everything on the ground with chief while the humans support them in space with MAC cannons they do a halo 3 then they give truth the true power of the human’s and why to keep the elite’s on your side. But they do set up bases on the ark after making sure the flood are gone for good. Then halo wars 2 never has to happen because there are humans all over the ark. But both ideas would never work tho. They should have put humans on the ark after that book hunters of the dark just to make sure nothing happens but they might be stuck there. Then the ark could turn into a place where the top ONI staff are just in case something happens on earth like a halo 5 so they can be safe.

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