What The Pulse Carbine, Disruptor, Ravager, And Shock Rifle Could Be Replaced With

…Why? We already have the sidekick which fills a pretty good role in the sandbox, and there are already a handful of other precision weapons that have their own niche. Where does the magnum fit in?

…But why? The beam rifle wasn’t that much different from the sniper rifle, and the shock rifle has plenty of aspects that shake it up.

I mean, the plasma pistol can get its EMP back anyway and it wouldn’t disrupt the sandbox all that much.

Again… WHY? The plasma rifle was always a terrible weapon that no one ever really used. The pulse carbine needs some tweaks for sure, but if you use it in its incredibly narrow goldilocks zone, it’ll shred enemies.

The spiker, which was only really cool when dual wielding, or the brute shot, which is a worse version of the cindershot?

Or… instead of replacing it, maybe just make its primary fire not useless.


the sidekick is a water pistol

Sure I guess if you’re bad at shooting people I can understand why it would seem that way.


Pulse Carbine is useless due to desync, but might be decent once that’s fixed. People even survive a full set of Needler spikes without exploding, or eat a SPNKr like it was a paper airplane. Desync probably makes Pulse Carbine feel trash, especially on M&K.

Disruptor is trash, throw it in the garbage.

Shock Rifle is fine. It’s headshot or basically nothing.
More or less balanced I guess.

Ravager is just a pulse Plasma Pistol with an AoE. Plasma Pistol used to have an AoE and an EMP, but they removed both, so it’s pretty worthless now. I’d say Ravager is better than Plasma Pistol, because it does the same thing, but with burst fire. Use it to drop shields, swap guns, pop headshot. It has an added bonus of being able to detonate grenades on the ground for a remote detonation kill and area denial in Zones. It’s just misunderstood, but isn’t actually a bad support weapon.

Sounds like a person who makes quick judgements on weapons without actually learning how to use them properly if he keeps making comments like that… Why no one takes casual players seriously when concerning balancing weapons lol.


The Disrupter and shock rifle are pretty good. The Disrupter has high fire rate and fast reload, the shock rifle is one shot if you get a headshot.

Let me tell you what I figured out what these weapons can do:

Pulse Carbine - Medium to Long range, good for shredding an opponent’s shield. Switch to your second weapon to finish them off; or if you are skilled, you can kill an opponent with it.
Disruptor - Close to medium range, good for as the name implies disrupts your opponents’ shield. Three shots it takes to take down their shield which you can apply another (8?) to the head and kill them. The good thing is that it’s damage over time so you can run off to fight another opponent.
Ravager (I recently discovered this one) - Close to long range, good for shredding vehicle health OR pushing campers out of corners/spots if you hold the trigger down to unleash a hot wave of AOE.
Shock Rifle - Medium to Long range, good for an instant kill to the head of opponents (just make sure you practice it and get the hang of it). Also good for EMPing vehicles just like the Disruptor since they are Shock weapons. The Shock Rifle can also chain link a group of opponents (again like the Disruptor).

In summary, don’t pass up these weapons and use them in specific circumstances when the need arises. Clearly whoever developed these weapons has the right intentions for them. Let me know if this helped you! :+1:

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Slower but stronger and gets a scope.

Even the ravager could be of great use on modes like total control or capture the flag. From what i hear, the overcharged ravager shot will detonate all grenades laying around. So you could toss some grenades and camp your flag.

There’s good reason why the Halo CE magnum’s not back…

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I don’t think you can drop grenades like you can weapons. Also, dropped grenades despawn really fast.

I think all these guns could be fixed as is, without needing to replace them.

The issue with the pulse carbine is that they designed it to be bad in close range and good at mid/long range, with tracking intended to compensate for the slow projectiles. Problem is, the tracking is likely to steer your bullets into walls more often than not, and the low velocity makes it easy to just strafe the shots at any range. The gun would be better if they designed it as a close/mid range precision weapon, which could be accomplished by simply increasing the projectile speed and getting rid of the tracking.

The disruptor is pretty niche, and it doesn’t feel well designed for that niche. The point of the gun is mainly to assist in teamshotting, as the burn provides additional shield drain while also delaying the recharge, giving a longer window for cleanup. The chain lightning effect also emphasizes teamfights, and could in theory be good for winning 2v1s. It is also useful against people camping corners, because you can shoot guns and equipment on the floor to chain lightning and force them to move. The biggest problem with it is the heavy dot reliance and the lack of any headshot bonus. it takes 9 out of your 10 bullets to get a kill without waiting for the burn. Additionally, while shooting items chains lightning with each bullet, and will kill players in 10 shots, actually shooting your enemies only gives the chain on every third shot to the same target. So it can potentially shred if you last against teamshots long enough to get 9 or 10 shots off, but the crappy ttk just kills the usefulness of the weapon. Changing it to fire slower and hit harder could buff it’s usability, giving proportionally less of its damage output to a burn effect players have to wait around for or helplessly die to after winning a duel. Chain lightning is actually pretty strong as is, in the situations where it does anything at all, but ideally it should encourage me to shoot at players rather than guns sitting on the ground.

Ravager literally just needs to actually do damage when you hit shots. The charged shot is pretty good in zone control modes, or if you need to get the ball carrier out of a corner. If they buffed the damage on direct hits or gave the primary fire a bit of tracking the gun would be just fine.

And the shock rifle is great as is. It’s hard to use, but it needs to be since it is a one hit kill that isn’t on a power spawn. I will agree that it isn’t much use for emp (except on tanks or bad drivers), but if/when you do get the emp the driver and/or gunner is pretty much a free kill.

It would be cool to see the old guns make a comeback, but I’d rather they not strip the variety and uniqueness out of the game just to make space for older guns.

The sidekick actually has one of the fastest TTK in the game. It’s just annoying to use sometimes because you have to tap the trigger as fast as possible if you want to max your DPS.


it’s insane bloom kills it tho

Don’t think I ever even noticed the bloom on the sidekick…

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Well the flip side of that is casusals think it’s hilarious that people take a fairly juvenile thing like a video game so seriously that they waste huge amounts of time trying to figure out minute details of weapons and game mechanics.

Different viewpoints and perceptions are the spice of life.

here me out, the disruptor doesn’t need to be replaced. why? because it already replaced and took the role of the plasma pistol… but better. seriously, with the disruptor, there’s 0, ZERO, nada, no reason to use or even pick up the plasma pistol. especially given the abilities removed from the plasma pistol

Simple, the Plasma Rifle, Beam Rifle & Brute Shot

But serious though the Shock Rifle is actually pretty good once you get used to it

Not at all, it’s extremely powerful. It’s the new noob combo weapon in high level ranked, you see people using it almost every game.

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If used properly it’s deadly, 3 shots trigger DOT which prevents the enemy from quickly regenerating shields, on 6 shots it’ll kill with DOT even if you don’t kill instantly (that’s 9 shots). It has a quick rate of fire, so it’s easy to do. Also, 3 shots to drop the shield, switch to sidekick for a headshot… One of the fastest ways to kill.
Plus it EMPs vehicles. And can chain link enemies damaging multiple at the same time.

Plasma Pistol has some of the deadliest combos with charged shot + melee which is pretty much instakill or at distance charged shot + switch to sidekick to headshot which is also one of fastest kills. The charged shot tracks targets so it can hit quite well.

One of the fastest firing weapons with pretty much no bloom making it pretty much a semi-auto precision weapon. Also switching to sidekick is probably the fastest of any weapons, making it deadly in combo with electric weapons that drop shields easily.

And shooting down aircraft - literally the best weapon to do it. 2 shots bring down any wasp and banshee. Sure, Skewer can do it in one shot destroying instead of emping, but you have to get close enough for the projectile to hit. Plus if you emp them, you can try to take them over. A good pilot won’t come close enough to you for you to grapple or hit with many other weapons.