What The Pulse Carbine, Disruptor, Ravager, And Shock Rifle Could Be Replaced With

These aren’t the best weapons, with the Pulse Carbine, Ravager, and Shock Rifle (somewhat) being outright useless. Here’s what I suggest they should be replaced with. The Disruptor could be replaced with the Halo CE Magnum and the Shock Rifle could be replaced by the Beam Rifle. As a result, the Plasma Pistol can get its EMP ability back. You could replace the Pulse Carbine with either the normal Plasma Rifle or the Brute variant, and the Ravager could be replaced by the Spiker or Brute Sh ot (for some reason it’s a curse word here).


Nothing is more useless than the Plasma Rifle in the first three Halos. I guarantee you that you likely have more kills with the Pulse Carbine than you do in all of Halo’s first three games, haha.

Disruptor and Shock Rifle are pretty usable, though. Pulse Carbine is not a great 1v1 weapon but it’s pretty strong and allows kills around corners. Ravager is just annoying really cause it scares you from pathways.

Then again, Infinite Beta plays much better with BR starts anyway, which would bring us to more traditional arena setups with a few power weapons and powerups to control. With BR starts, I’d say only the Shock Rifle in your list is useful.


here’s the answer: anything else

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oh, hell no the plasma rifle in CE was devastating plus it had a hella good stun effect. i whish 343 would have kept the storm rifle from h5 that thing was mean


Yep a stun effect that got you 3-shotted most of the time if you played the big boy variant of the game :). The Halo 2 Needler was pretty strong too, if your target stands still; yet it was one of the weakest weapons in Halo history.

while this is true its still the best iteration the PR has ever had, and I’ve gotten quite a few kills with it on the smaller maps

Pulse Carbine is a decent mid-range weapon somewhat countering controller aim-assist for m&k players. Shock Rifle is good sniper rifle also usable vs crowds thanks to chain lightning effect. Disruptor is a great combo weapon for stripping shields then switching to Sidekick or your choice of headshot-dealer weapon (Sidekick is the quickest though). Also if you don’t switch after a few hits it deals damage over time preventing enemy from regenerating shield for about 10s basically taking them out of engagement and making them vulnerable. Not even mentioning EMP capacity of Shock Rifle and Disruptor. Also lightning effect can bounce from items like weapons laying around…
The Ravager is an area-denial weapon. Also you can spray it with regular bursts into a small closed space killing everything inside.

I think worth noting is all 4 of those weapons work best if you work with your team - you strip the shields, they finish off the enemy, you use Ravager to smoke enemy out, your team finishes them off…


The pulse carbine is a good weapon. The shock rifle is a decent weapon. The disruptor is a decent weapon. Just practice.

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They should not be replaced. These are great weapons, IMO. From what I’ve seen and personal use, those who think they are trash weapons, tend to just be trash at using them. Just have to learn when, where, and how to use them to get the most out of them. Like any Halo weapon.


Shock rifle is a beast. Don’t sleep on it.


I think the shock rifle is in a great place. Any weapon that can oneshot someone in the head is far from useless. It’s not a power weapon, so I feel like the lower mag size, rate of fire, and number of body shots to kill balances it out beautifully.

Pulse carbine probably needs a buff to tracking of the shots, but not much. I think the biggest issue with this weapon is that people think it’s meant to kill enemies. I think it’s niche is much more like a new God combo, quickly strip shields and then switch to BR or sidekick to finish off.

Ravager probably needs a slight damage buff. The AoE is ok but wouldn’t hurt from a little buff. Nothing crazy.

Disrupter I think is the one that has the most unclear identity. It doesn’t feel like it strips shields as good as a plasma pistol or pulse carbine. The range can be a little to be desired when trying to use against speedy vehicles as well. My answer would be a range and probably small magazine buff to make it more of a anti vehicle niche weapon.

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The Shock Rifle is one of the best weapons in the game


It’s called use it as a flanking weapon instead of standing in front of people with the magnum.

The H5 Brute Plasma Rifle was absolutely nasty as well. People just forgot because Bungie nerfed it into the ground for 7 years straight.

i totally forgot about that monster

Pulse Carbine, Disruptor and Shock Rifle are actually quite good…

Pulse Carbine kills in two bursts, one burst connecting will strip shields. If you zoom in the lock on is stronger when you fire.

Disruptor kills non over charged enemies in six body shots, it has a dot ( Damage over time ) that kicks in on the target after 3 and increases with more shots, the dot will kill the target after the six shot lands. Disruptor will also EMP vehicles, which is actually really really useful. If you land a headshot 6-7 shots will kill out right too if I recall.

Shock Rifle is just another sniper rifle, except it can also EMP vehicles as well which is really useful. Headshots will kill on it.


the PC is the worst gun in the entire game, its only good in campaign

Ravenger is the worst in the game, the Pulse Carbine is fairly decent if you and land shots. Believe it kills faster then the battle rifle.

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Issue with Shock Rifle : literally useless unless it’s a headshot. Okay for emping vehicles I guess.

I’ll honestly just make it an Electric Carbine. Fires fast, does good cross mapping, not really a sniper anymore. Move the headshot kill to the Stalker.

Pulse Carbine I think some people suggested hip fire Plasma Rife, ADS tracking burst.

Disruptor should have an alt fire imo. Make the alt fire shoot out an electric net which slows players hit by it. The alt fire will cost your entire mag and can only be fired if you have 5 or more ammo left in the mag. For a utility weapon, it deserves this much.

Ravager : more splash needed. Literally all it needs.


The Ravager is the only one of these weapons that I think actually is bad. The others are good if you understand how they’re effective.

Shock rifle uhd honestly dependent on the server connection though tbf