What the hell is wrong with ranked

I win 3 games in a row playing quite well and gain 2 SR in Onyx. I lose 1 game earlier today and lost 10 SR. What the hell is the issue with ranked? Jesus


I’m Diamond III; My goals is Onyx But the Matchmaking system is very strange. When i win, i gains 1; 2 Points, but in revers i lost 10; 6 Points…


Your positioning on the scoreboard matters. Always win first, as you cannot rank up without it. Then the game looks at your performance relative to where it expects you to place on your team. Do better than expected relative to the skill pool, gain more and vice versa. Always play the win though.

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Pretty much this. I’m currently D1, peaked at D2. Step one is always to win the game. Step 2 is to have a higher K/D than usual during the win. Wins where I go even or a little negative, I hardly notice a change in my blue bar. If I go +5 or better in a win, I have considerably better jumps in rank. To avoid losing a bunch of rank in a loss, you have to have a higher-than-average K/D. If you go close to even or negative in a loss, you will lose quite a bit.

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You go negative in almost every slayer game at your current rank. Makes sense to me.


Aw how cute I have a fan following my Halo tracker

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How else am I supposed to explain to you “What the hell is the issue with ranked?”

The issue is your skill is lower than your own perception, as evidenced by your game history.


Incorrect. Try again next time kid

The goal of the ranking system is to place you in the ranking stratum that you effectively belong. If you have reached that place then the system will keep you there unless you change something (aim, strategy, etc) about your game.

If you have been performing poorly but still winning then on your losses the system is correcting for the inflated rank that you achieved.

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The worst thing about ranked is how common CTDs are in this game and the ranking system doesn’t care. Oh you crashed during the loading screen through no fault of your own? Too bad, you just lost a whole day of progress. The game should be able to detect when a player actually presses the “Leave Game” button and understand the difference between someone RQing and someone crashing. Even Overwatch, a game infamous for it’s terrible ranked experience figured this out and had a built-in system to mitigate this issue… Overwatch cancels a ranked game if someone leaves or crashes in the first minute. That’s been there since day one of the Ranked Playlist in Overwatch.

Ranked is the only good playlist in Halo Infinite. Objective gamemodes are king but Quick Play SBMM makes that playlist ‘ranked-lite’ without the incentive to win. Incredibly frustrating experience. The playlist update was a mistake. BTB doesn’t work because of the playlist update, none of the maps are suited for FFA, and SWAT is SWAT so it sucks by default and there’s no fixing it. That leaves Ranked Arena as the only real playlist. But Ranked is still a completely unsatisfying experience. It doesn’t matter how many games I win or how well I perform. Because all my progress is deleted when the game crashes. And this game crashes so often it would make Fallout New Vegas blush.


The metric is kills per minute (according to Microsoft’s discussion paper on TrueSkill2).

Going 20:15 is more kills per minute than 10:5 despite having a lower K/D.

It’s designed to rank you up faster if you are a big fish in a small pond. Anti-smurfing if you like. As your opponents equilibrate to your rank your kills per minute should settle down naturally (harder opponents to kill).

It shouldn’t really rank you higher. Just faster. But sadly there are some toxic playstyles emerging as players seem any, tiny, advantage.

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That’s pretty interesting. So deaths don’t really matter much at all? Let’s compare two theoretical scenarios. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say each scenario is the same length of time (10 minutes). Both scenarios are wins. Scenario 1, you go 15-0 (1.5 KPM, +15 K/D) and scenario 2, you go 25-30 (2.5 KPM, -5 K/D). Given the 2 scenarios, number 2 would provide the bigger CSR boost? That’s pretty wild. The system favors reckless play over smart play, as long as you get more kills per minute?

Welcome to Trueskill 2.0. A system that doesn’t keep track of context at all.

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To be fair, I don’t know how I would improve the system. It certainly seems broken as far as losing brings down your CSR much further than winning brings it up. I’ve hit my ceiling at D1/D2, and know I need to improve my game if I want to get higher than D2. It’s just wild that I need to focus on getting more kill per minute rather than just focusing on dying less, when in theory both would improve our odds of winning.

It already would be an improvement if Infinte would not bother STARTING a match that doesn’t have a complete team in ranked.

I had so many matches with one team starting with just 3 players.

This may be an advantage in slayer if it prevents your team from getting that “1 kill, 28 deaths” guy in your team but it usually means you are doomed in any objective match

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You should read Microsoft’s discussion paper. There is a lot of context.

They do. But when they ran the data of K:D or KDA they found it didn’t add in any value over the win itself. Which makes sense. These types of stats directly lead to a winning score. For Slayer at least.

When they ran K/min though - they found it did relate to finding your rank faster. A big fish (Onyx) in a small pond (Gold) will get a lot of kills fast. The discussion paper has a table of the different kill rates that correspond to ranking up or down.

The important part is that this is a weighting to find your rank faster.

As you approach your actual rank it gets harder and harder to maintain high enough kill rates for it to make a difference. If you look at the paper a kill rate of 1.4 equates to a 50% chance of winning. Increasing this to 3.0 per minute gets you to about 55%.

I’m not sure that’s really encouraging reckless play. In a high level game with decent opponents (ie. the same rank as you) it’s pretty much a null factor. The smart play would be to concentrate on your K:D and get the win.

The problem of course is that everyone is now convinced that a high K:D is going to propel them into the MMR stratosphere. It’s encouraging toxic behaviours like trying to farm kills in CTF etc.

We really need 343 to explain things better to stop this.


I thought this is how you play CTF:

One team walks around with a flag and the other team farms kills, right?

At least that is how many CTF matches look like.

I always either very amused or totally [let’s use unhappy here lol] - depending which side I am on LOL - when I see the winning team in CTF hardly got any kills but the losing team has a total of 100+ kills

This is exactly the problem this is all math and statistics based it doesn’t take into account any of the minor things that also matter.
For instance:
Let’s say I play for PU and keep dying.
Does the system understand that I may have helped my teammates by not giving access to those PU/PW to the enemy team?
The system makes the assumption that the average ELO of all 4 players should lead to a balanced match but that is simply not true.

Try matching two onyx players and let’s say two plats against 4 Diamonds.

Even though the average is the same I bet the team with the onyx players would win most of the time. I’ve seen this happening many many times.
How do you solve this?


The reason for this goes back to what I said about CTDs. Crashing during the loading screen is way to common. Yesterday I got banned from Ranked because it happened 3 times in a row. My PC is by no means low-spec. I’ve heard people have problems with crashing on Xbox Series S too.

If I play oddball and keep trying trying to grab the ball from the enemy team but my teammates are across the map playing for kills, guess who will lose more CSR based on kills per minute statistics. The system works well for slayer based game modes but for objective modes you get penalized for putting your k/d aside and making riskier plays trying to help your team get the win.