What the hell is with the weird handle on Jun's camera array attachment?

Such an unnecessary addition and there’s no option to have the array without it.

Why?? So elites have a convenient way of yanking our heads off?

It’s ugly and honestly kinda ruins the design of my longtime favorite helmet.

And don’t even get me started on how pristine the scarf looks. And the lack of the knife on the ribs.

343i, why are you this way

I wish the Character Kits were accurate to their original Reach model. They all look like off-brand wannabe versions of themselves because they’re missing various accent designs. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch they’ll fix later, but Jorge even seems to be completely missing a texture on one of his shoulder pieces.

Not even just the kits man, it’s the armor pieces themselves. We look like weird stretched out versions of them, and we don’t even get accurate part design. Literally copy/paste is enough and yet…

I just remembered this again. What is the point of getting Jun’s armor if it doesn’t have the Jun aesthetic?? I don’t care about wearing all of “his” armor, I care about the pieces that I do wear looking right. But the helmet AND chest are both really off.

Jorge just looks weirdly small.