What the hell is up with your -Yoinking- servers??

Wtf 343? Why are you simply incapable of making half decent servers? I have been randomly thrown out of the past 4 or 5 blitz matches in a row because my game suddenly goes out of sync. This is ridiculous! I’m not having any kind of trouble on literally any game not made by 343, so I know it’s not my internet. I have already gone down 2 ranks because of this bs! Recently when my friend and I would play ranked 2v2 deathmatch, the game would always kick one of us out once the timer has reached around 30 min. EVERY DAMN TIME!!! I’m not exaggerating here! I literally mean EVERY DAMN TIME!! These are among the absolute worst servers I have ever seen. No wonder it always takes like 10 minutes just to find a match. Everybody got tired of 343s incompetent servers and quit! Smh…

We all feel your pain :frowning:

If you are having issues playing the game, please use the support forums to make a constructive report