What The Heck WZ?

So today I was playing some Mythic WZ with REQ jackpot at rare rarity (lol) and I won my first two games, first one I won I got 9555 REQ points. Second one I got 6720 or something like that. In the second one, I was in second place, which I know for sure was a higher placing than my first game. I made this post to ask what is wrong with Halo 5’s Reward system?

The reward from the jackpot is completly random and has nothing to do with how you rank.

It depends on how many of what you kill. The big bosses give more points. I use xp boosts every game. Depending on which boost you use it goes up to 16,000+ xp a game.

Like the above said. Its a jackpot. You can get 1 kill & get 9K+ req points, or get 100 kills and get 500 req points. Hence “jackpot”

Jackpot boosts are completely random, they don’t take into consideration your performance in a match. All you can really do is slap on a jackpot boost and pray to RNGesus for a good jackpot. If you want a reward that is a direct correlation to your performance, use the regular RP/XP boosts and not the jackpots.