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First off, this is an obvious cover up
Second, you blocked this so no one could get an answer. WHY CAN’T I INSTALL MY -Yoink!- GAME

And before anybody goes searching through my service record, note this. I uninstalled the game because it wasn’t working, and reinstalling normally works for me. Before you comment about the DNF, that’s because I disconnected and 343 can’t tell the difference

No cover up there OP, the thread was likely locked becuase of the post bump. There was 2 months in-between replies, last poster would have been better creating a new topic to track their issue than bumping an old thread. As you’re not questioning a ban related issue here, I don’t think many will question your service record. PM one of the monitors if you’d like more info on the topic lock, they’ll give you a more definitive answer :slight_smile: