What the enemies going to be like?

Is the enemies going to be more cautious, sensitive, smarter or armored?

I hope they’re like Halo 2, very smart and challenging AI yet fun to kill.

More likely to be all of the above, just make them available to assassinate especially Brutes

More brutes & flood like H2/3, less prometheans.

Ideally they’d operate similarly to Reach’s AI, but now that the Covenant have been wiped out for good the only guarantee is that we’ll be fighting the Prometheans at the very least. It’s incredible how 343 have managed to turn one of the most interesting and lore rich Halo factions into one of the most hated. Short of bringing the Banished into the fold, they might be screwed.

I want them to be smart like the Reach Elites. THOSE were like Barons of Hell instead of Hell Knights if you catch my meaning. Of course, smart but fair. Don’t wanna be killed by a kick in the face Bruce Lee style when I have full health or half my shields.