What the community wants in halo 6

Halo 5 is a decent game however it lacks good game modes like invasion and infection etc. Also the game lacks when it comes to vehicles because all we get in these updates is reskined vehicles with different stats, when I first heared about reqs I was expecting new varients of vehicles, like a scorpion tank with a rail gun instead of the cannon or even a mantis with a flamethrower and if possible a grizzly tank from halo wars, my point is while halo 6 is in development force your ideas into 343’s mind so we can get a better game. My question is, what do you want in halo 6? Tweet this forum to 343 so they know what they need to do while the game is in development. Thank you and have a nice day.

twitter: @RogueMk2

infections coming dont worry. we still got 4 updates left so we’ll get more. i do like your vehicle req ideas though.

Thank you, but they need to do something about the vehicles because I hate the idea that it’s just a reskin with different stats it would be cool if 343 made more variants and more vehicles anyway . if I had to choose Id ask for a grizzly tank and a UNSC air vehicle ie pelican Hornet or the falcon but it’s not just the UNSC that lacks vehicles, the coventnat has got it really bad because they only have a few vehicles they need to add something like a locust or something to make the covenant as powerfull as the UNSC

As far as campaign goes, what 4 and 5 lacked was an ‘us vs them’ feel to the game, it’s been lots of adventuring and discovering when what players generally want is to get the feeling of war back into it, goosebumps raising, head thumping battles, levels that you want to finish because your so into the game and not just because you feel you should. 4 and 5 also seem to lack any real music to the campaigns, when the music is there it’s very quiet. The music coming at you loud and in your face can really help towards the emotion you feel when playing the game and help you get into the characters mindset.
I do like the req system for warzone however but note that me and many many other players have never spent a penny of our real money towards them and we have no intention of doing so.

Also, I really hope duel wielding does not return, well done 343 for keeping halo weapons balanced… Mostly… Too easy to take down a tank.


Gameplay relatively close to Halo: Reach would be the Best

More developer made maps. The entire BTB list of maps is all forge made :frowning: