What the Battlepass could do better

343 (or more importantly, Microsoft) Doesn’t seem to understand that Cosmetic Microtransactions for games like Fortnite/Apex/Valorant Etc. Work because Legendary skins are ENTIRELY different from Head-to-Toe. These armor pieces are barely distinctively different. Same bulky style with barely any individuality, or armor that we’ve seen previously in past titles (Heroes of Reach Battle Pass, which doesn’t even include every armor piece from Halo Reach, which only shows corporate greed).

How does 343/Microsoft fix this? Here is a small list of what they could do

  1. Combine Left/Right Shoulders on a single Tier
  2. Combine Emblems on Armor/Vehicles/Gun on a single Tier (Example. I unlock the Noble Nameplate at Tier 22 only to unlock it again at Tier 42 for my armor, to then only unlock it again for my Vehicle at Tier 57).
  3. Combine Universal Armor coatings on a single Tier
  4. Combine Universal Visors on a single Tier (Example. Noble Visor at Tier 17, and Vandal Visor at Tier 26. Same Visor just on different cores)
  5. Add a separate progression system aside from Battle Pass progression.
  6. More unique in-store items available to purchase

Anything else I missed?