What the actual -yoink- 343!

Is the campaign actually DRM locked. Even on disk. First off what the $&@? 343. This is too far.
Second, 343 is missing out on so many basic necessities in a Halo game. Undoubtedly this is their most successful game launch starting from December 8th. It’s a great game with so much potential. But there are bugs and mistakes that were made here. I won’t name them because they each have an individual thread at this point. So don’t call me out for not being specific. But this is a big issue. Offline gameplay has always been a thing, even outside of Halo. It’s a necessity for games to have. I firmly believe that Halo Infinite will fail if these issues are not all addressed. Granted it may take months or even years to iron the game out. But it has to happen nonetheless. I love Halo. People need heroes, Chief. Chief is our hero. How we play him and BECOME him makes him the character we all know and love. Co-Op, Forge, customization, offline campaign all were what made Halo Halo. Do you think it’s fair to be players checking out Halo Infinite because it looks fun to be pushed through paywalls and required to have Wi-Fi?
We were those players! We saw Halo in its prime and thought: wow that game looks cool imma check it out. Then we play it and it changed our lives forever.
I grew up with Halo CE. The feeling and emotions I felt playing were unforgettable (especially the fear).
Now Halo is coming back. Halo isn’t dead. It never was. Halo Infinite is all over Microsoft. It’s the staple game. So please fix it. For the sake of the incoming Infinite fan base. For the sake of the players who enjoy a good game.
A part of our generation of Halo will leave us next month. All 360 games will go dark.
Let’s improve this generation for the better.
Halo Infinite sure feels different from other Halo games, but it feels the most like the spirit of the game. Halo CE-Halo 5 were individually special. It’s time for Infinite to shine.

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To this point: Yes and yes