What Stat/Medal Earned Are You Most Proud Of?

It can be anything from your Slayer win count to an Unfrigginbelievable medal. What accomplishment is your badge of honor?

Unfriggenbelievable (quite a few in 3, 4 and 5.) Always satisfying going on long killstreaks. Especially when the other team actively hunts you down lmao.

Although extermination is always a great one. Really means your laying down the hate.

Im partial to exterminations, myself.

Edit: of the 3 exterminations I’ve pulled off in Halo 5, I’m most proud of the one I got in roaming king. Mostly because it was Magnum and a grenade and obviously cleared the hill.
My other 2 were both in super fiesta. while one of them came with a killtrocity, they’re definitely easier with power weapons. Pretty sure one of them took literally 2 rocket shots to get 5 enemies that happened to be bunched up on plaza.

Getting my 1st Invincible medal around the Infinity’s Armory Update, I honestly felt so proud over that

But for Mcc, getting my First Perfection medal in Halo 2

I always liked when I got the Alley-Oop medal probably because I viewed it as one of more obscure medals. Getting exterminations are also nice.

Getting the perfection medal (win a slayer game without dying and have 15 kills or more) in mythic shotty snipers. I didn’t know what it was until I got it.

My best accomplishment in H5!

My first Killionaire, Perfection, and Unfrig.

> 2533274796457055;7:
> My best accomplishment in H5!

most amazing thing I have seen on H5 by a mile. absolutely hilarious. problem is, your team mate was going for his first ever perfection and you ruined it for him… RIP… HA HA

> 2535429593088083;8:
> My first Killionaire, Perfection, and Unfrig.

oh to dream.
Killionaire - got to Kilpoc
Perfection - got to 13 when I died (on 2 occassions)
Unfrig - best was 33kill spree

It’s either reaching over 100 unfrigs or the first time I managed to hit a champion rank about a year ago.

For me it was Game saver

I’m most proud of my 541 buckle up medals. My goal is 600 by the end of the year

Snipaltaneous are a nice one since they are pretty rare and when they do happen it’s almost like the stars align.

I also like getting triple double because then I know I really contributed to the team

That one time I got an extermination and snipletaneous in one game. That was pretty rad.

There are a lot of cool medals, but these 3 always come to mind. Odd betrayals have always been very comedic to me. Since the old days, getting a ninja on someone will never get old, & that pesky sayonara medal that eluded me for the longest time. Enjoy!

Stickie Betrayal
OS Ninja

Mine was getting onyx in snipers, team arena, elimation and slayer. I don’t think I’ll ever grind or play enough for champion but I’m real happy about these accomplishments

Mine is the Magnum Opus emblem (Arena Mastery) and the 81 Immortal medals I got during the process of earning the emblem. In the beginning I didn’t like Breakout because it can get intense if you are last man alive. Turned out to some of the most fun I had in H5.

Getting a high killstreak is or a rare medal is always nice, but mine has to be something special.
I would say that mine can only be achieved when playing against my friends in customs and i pick up a specific weapon they banned me from using. Killing them with that and hearing their complaints makes me feel happy deep inside.

> 2533274796457055;7:
> My best accomplishment in H5!

Lol, that guy you shot is an active Waypointer too! Anyways the medals I’m most proud of are the fastball medal and a perfection… only one