What Specialization will you go for?

343 Industries has announced Specializations, a new feature to Halo. We know that you have to reach the max. level of 50 and complete many objectives before gaining the ability of a Specialization. We know of 8 Specializations.
Wetwork, Pioneer, Engineer, Tracker, Rogue, Stalker, Pathfinder, and Operator. Which one interests you the most? Which one will you try to reach and obtain first? It’s a bit too early to tell or know much about the Specializations, but what do you like most of what you’ve heard so far?

Personally, I will try to go for Wetwork or Rogue first. They seem cool. However, I’m still not a fan of these Specializations. I think one of the things that people enjoyed about Halo is how everyone was on an equal playing ground. Armor mods and specializations are clearly moving away from that feel the games had.

Stalker, rogue, or operator.

Edit: Stalker is my number 1 draft pick, you can’t hide from me (evil laugh).

I’ll probably choose Pioneer just so i can unlock the other ones faster…That or Stalker to get my sweet revenge! Mwahaha!!


Maybe pioneer, would be good to get as many specs as possible, but I like the idea of the game lasting as long as it can and pioneer doesn’t help in game.

Whichever one gives me the plasma pistol skin.

Still plan on running with Fire Power and the support pack for faster shield regen.

Likely Operator or Pathfinder first.

wetworks for armor first then will use it and the mod until i figure which of the other 7 i want

Oh, btw, just saying I let you guys vote for multiple options in the poll.