What Spartan Ops Maps Would You Like in MP?

The maps in Halo 4’s Spartan Ops are beautiful. Especially in Episodes 6-10.
The chances of another map pack for H4 are extremely slim, but if they were to be remade into the next Halo installment, which ones would you want to see? Just curious.

The maps “The Gate”, “Cyclone”, “the Harvester”, and any of the ones the the invasion on Infinity was on are my opinions.

What was that map from Shootout in Valhalla? I liked that one. derpface here

Crappy jokes aside, I wouldn’t mind a good multiplayer edit of the map in the Episodes “Nothing Can Go Wrong” and “Everything Has Gone Wrong”.

I don’t think a single map from Spartan Ops should make a return. However, out of the Halo 4 MP Maps, I think Complex should be remade, at the least. Assuming the flood come back, 343i could make a pretty BA evolution on Abandon, as well.

The map featured in E5C1 Spartan Miller. If the base was modified to make it slightly more accessible, it’d be cool for 1-Flag CTF or Assault.

Definitely, that map featured in “The Gate”, “Spartan Millar”, and for some reason can’t remember the others. Just that one map in particular would be pretty cool to play on.

I do want to say though, Complex…that is one map that should’ve never been in MM, IMO. However, with its move to BTB, its been fine.

I dont think any spartan ops maps should become multiplayer maps because its just that, a spartan ops mission. If it was meant to be a multiplayer map, they probably would have been. I do believe spartan ops should comeback in Halo 5 though