What Spartan Equipment would you like to see added to Halo Infinite next?

  • Auto Sentry (Halo 3 style)
  • Bubble Shield
  • Speed Boost
  • Damage Boost
  • Gravity Boost (Higher Jumps)
  • Hardlight Shield
  • Promethean Vision
  • Jet Pack
  • Hologram
  • Ground Pound
  • Spartan Charge
  • Trip Mine
  • Flare
  • Degeneration Field
  • Regeneration Field
  • Radar Jammer
  • Armor Lock (just kidding, but figured I would include it)
  • EMP Mine

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I’m all for more equipment.

What we have has been fun so far (just wish I was better at using them).

My all time favourite is the bubble shield!

Of course… getting the sandbox balance is very important - so as long as people are thinking more along the lines of custom games for these things.

Huge no to Spartan charges.

Big yes to Holograms (as long as they T-bag for you).


I’m not saying that these abilities would be the same as they were in previous games. Spartan Charge could be useful like the Thruster Pack, only now instead of being evasive; you can slam into players and vehicles to cause damage… at the cost of your shields taking a heafty hit of course.

Risky, but you can use it defensive as an evasive manuver or offensive to bounce vehicles or bash players.

I’m not sure Spartan Charge is redeemable. It was God awful. It made Armour Lock look good.



Don’t get me wrong, I HATED it in Halo 5. Melee fights were ruined by it and it made the pistol a powerweapon as it essentially recreated Halo 2’s BXR of melee attack to break shields followed by headshot for the kill.

But it was a past abiilty, so I put it in the vote.

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Armor Lock would be balanced in Infinite being a pickup with only 3 uses in 4v4 and 5 uses in BTB. Infinite is also a lot more fluid and faster paced than Reach was, making the Armor Lock not as viable as it used to be, but instead still equally instant defense against vehicles, rockets, skewers, snipers, grenades, etc, with good timing. Plenty of EMP weapons, drop wall, and repulsor are in the game now too, so no reason it can’t return

Also Jetpack because Custom Games, and because it would be hilarious to grapple someone using a Jetpack.

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Definitely effective defense against snipers, given the fact that since Halo 5 the devs have decided that sniping should no longer be a sneaky operation and instead telegraph your position with a floodlight beacon when scoped in.

I was used to that scope flare since Destiny 1 beta, never really bothered me. Destiny doesn’t have outlines, so people could camp with camouflaged armor and Hunters can use active camo whenever. It opened up interesting counter play, letting someone dodge or snipe them back/first. People that hate it and also want outlines removed are obvious campers, because I still find bush hiders in Infinite and have to walk across BTB maps to crouch back smack them since nobody else is stopping them from snipe camping


But it broke Halo 5 for me.
If you see a lens-flare, that means you are within the scope of a sniper. Are they targeting you? Or the guy next to you?
Either way, with a tap of a button, you can suddenly thruster left or right on command and make the sniper miss his shot. Great for you if you were the victim, but it makes the sniper feel cheated of a well lined up shot from a sniper’s nest.

I expect them to bring back a lot of stuff from 3/Reach, there is no real problem to bringing back all of those things because worst case scenario they just put something in Forge/Customs exclusively.

Nostalgia is a helluva drug, 343i are not opposed to using it.

Just realized how good AutoSentry would be in Territories. Just captured a territory? Deploy an AS there so that if the enemy round the corner and attempt to capture it, they start getting hard-light lasered and an easier target to eliminate with their shields lowered by the time you arrive on site.

Connection boost / desync reducer / melee connector / cheat blocker / hit reg corrector


Fun fact !!!

One of the main reasons for lag, desync, and hit-reg issues is actually PLAYING the game.

It has been found that if you are playing the game for more than an hour straight, it somehow strains the online connection. So basically, you can avoid this problem by restarting your game every hour or so. Otherwise, it just gets worse.

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Dual Wielding. It is hard to balance if it is a baked-in ability. By making it a power up ability, it can be powerful and at the same time not spammable.

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Sooo… Borderlands 2 Gunzerker?

I feel like spartan charge is still in the game due to the insane melee range.

Bubble shield needs to comeback. The drop wall is the most useless piece of equipment in the enitre Halo franchise. Takes ages to deploy in a firfight and it’s so weak.

Look down while you deploy it to open the shield 2x as fast.

And yeah it does need a buff.

Bubble shield seems like it would be a wonderful fit in zone control modes. People are big mad about nade spam especially in these, and the Bubble Shield would be an awesome way to cool that off a bit, situstuonally.

In all of my maps I have low gravity set down to 70%. So you can jump higher.

As far as the Auto Sentry goes I would only use it if it only kills the enemy only!!!.
As it is now both teams can be shot at. That kinda sucks.

Jet pack is a must!!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left: